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Tara Gidus Collingwood

Athletes require a lot of energy to power through practices, workouts and busy schedules. Snacks are the perfect option when you’re on the go and can’t slow down, or when you need to bridge the gap between meals.


Choose snacks that combine at least two of the food groups (carbs, protein and fat) to give you sustained energy and keep you going strong.


Before exercise

High carbohydrate
Moderate protein
Low fat and fiber
High fluid

High salt (if hot/humid weather)


After exercise

High carbohydrate
Moderate to high protein
Moderate fat and fiber
High fluid
High salt (if heavy sweater)


Suggested snack combos 

Chocolate milk + fresh fruit

Tortilla chips + salsa or guacamole
Peanut butter + jelly sandwich
Tortilla wrap + deli meat + cheese

English muffin + scrambled eggs + cheese + veggies
Hummus + pita chips + veggie sticks
Greek yogurt + granola + fruit
Cottage cheese + fruit

Protein bars

Trail mix

Bean- or broth-based soup
Apple + almond or peanut butter
Hard boiled egg + pretzels
Beef or turkey jerky + grapes
Air-popped popcorn + cheese stick




Tara Gidus Collingwood is a nationally recognized expert and spokesperson on nutrition, fitness and health promotion.  She is currently the nutrition consultant to the USTA National Campus with Andrews Institute and Nemours, the team dietitian for the Orlando Magic NBA team, the nutrition consultant to University of Central Florida Athletic Department and a nutrition and exercise executive coach at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute.


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