Strength & Conditioning tips when at home

Brent Salazar | March 23, 2020

Here are some ideas for workouts when you're at home and can't make it to the court or the gym.

  1. Need to be creative with equipment. Use bodyweight, cans, jugs (anything that doesn't break) for weight equipment.

  2. Could be a good time to try new things, like yoga.

  3. Best way to make a workout more challenging is to add more reps, slow the tempo down of each rep, add in isometric holds for weak points.

  4. Try Escalating Density Training (EDT). Pick a timeframe you have to work within (15 minutes), choose how many exercises you want to do and how many reps of each exercise you will do in each set. Then perform the circuit as many times as possible with good quality reps. Next time you do this, try to beat your last total.

  5. Get a partner to hold you accountable for each day.

  6. Work on recovery, sleep! Try to increase an hour a night.

Brent Salazar is the Director of Performance at USTA Player Development.



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