Travel tips

to Improve your tennis game

Elizabeth Chaffin & Dr. Alexis Colvin  |  January 1, 2017

These helpful tips will help you get ready to play your best, wherever your tennis travels may take you:

What time zone are you in? 

A change in time zone can affect proper rest and lead to court fatigue. If possible, arrive a few days prior to the event to adjust to time zone. If you are unable to arrive early, attempt to adjust your sleeping pattern at home.

How’s the weather?

Try to prepare your body for the climate ahead of time. For example, if training in a cold climate and traveling to a warm climate, try to increase hydration in the pre-preparation phase before travel (roughly one to two weeks prior to the event).

Is there altitude?

A higher altitude may cause dehydration and fatigue, so try to arrive early to acclimate. Also, increase fluids and begin practice on a shortened schedule.

What is there to eat?

Plan ahead. ADVERTISEMENT Research food you can eat in the country, region or area you are traveling to and bring food you are used to – and that is easy to travel with – to prevent digestive issues. Examples include instant oatmeal, soups and items that can be microwaved.

How’s the flight?

Drink eight ounces of fluid, preferably water or a sports drink, for every hour in the air to prevent dehydration. To stay active on the flight, walk and/or perform “butt squeezes” and “ankle pumps” every hour to improve circulation.

Am I comfortable?

Carry your own pillow!


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Elizabeth Chaffin is the coordinator of medical for the USTA, and Dr. Alexis Colvin is the USTA's Chief Medical Officer.


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