Practicing doubles with an odd number of players

April 30, 2021

Here are a couple of games for you to practice doubles even with an odd number of players. Rotate, play on, and have fun.

First up, groundstrokes from the baseline. The single-player will play half-court on the deuce side, from the centerline to the doubles alley. The doubles players will cover the whole court on their side. The single-player drop hits the ball into play and then the point is played. The first side to five points wins, and then you rotate positions.


Now, the single-player will repeat the game from the ad side. Play to five again and then it's time to switch up the sides with a new player becoming the single-player.


You can modify this game with the single-player playing up at the net with groundstrokes and volleys. Start again on the deuce side with the doubles players having to cover the whole court while playing against the single-player who is volleying back. Once a side wins five points, it's time to rotate and play on!


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