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January 1, 2017
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How to Organize Tennis In the Parks (TIP)

How to Organize Tennis In the Parks (TIP)

The thousands of public parks in local communities across the U.S. have long been hotbeds for the growth of tennis. Indeed, many of the game’s greatest players got their starts playing in public parks.


Recognizing the importance of public parks in the long-term health and growth of the sport, the USTA’s Tennis in the Parks initiative provides resources designed to help establish, grow and sustain tennis programming in public parks across the nation.


Tennis In the Parks (TIP) and all associated program resources are free to eligible agencies that are committed to growing and improving tennis programs and infrastructure in their community. Here are some resources available to help you grow the game in your park! 


Program Resources

The USTA supports a variety of programs for youth and adults, all designed to make tennis more accessible and more fun for all – and you can host or get involved with any and all of these programs. These include the following USTA offerings: youth tennis events, Junior Team Tennis, USTA League, tournaments, National Junior Tennis & Learning programs, Coach Workshops and more. See the members page for more information.


Facility Services

USTA facility services include grants to help with court construction and facility renovations. Services also include free technical support to help assess, develop, design and plan facilities. Learn more about facility assistance


Connect with a Peer Advisor

Our peer advisor program has created a network of parks and recreation professionals with successful tennis programs who are here to help you find success with your own. Connect with them and connect your program to a wealth of great ideas! Find a peer advisor near you. 


Utilize Your Local CTA

Some of the best parks programs are direct results of partnerships with a local Community Tennis Association (CTAs). Get more information on CTAs.

Benefits of Becoming a USTA Organizational Member

For just  $35 a year, you can become an official USTA organizational member, entitling you to numerous USTA resources, including facility grants, technical assistance, free marketing materials and the ability to program official USTA tournaments and leagues for youths and adults. Learn more about the benefits of being an organizational member



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