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Community Tennis Associations

What is a CTA?

<h2>Community Tennis Associations</h2>
<h1>What is a CTA?</h1>

USTA Community Tennis Associations (CTAs) are not-for-profit, volunteer-based organizations supporting programs that grow the game of tennis. They are located in towns across the country and are great entry points if you’re looking to get started in the game, to play more often or to give back to our lifetime sport.


First and foremost, CTAs work to coordinate and maintain tennis programs and services, guaranteeing that they are open and accessible to everyone. Those who run CTAs are tennis enthusiasts who act as advocates, program administrators, promoters or fundraisers – and sometimes as all of these things at once.

The USTA has information dedicated towards the three stages of a CTA lifecycle. To learn more, please see the following:

What can a CTA Accomplish?

Clubs, teaching professionals, after school programs, and public parks are just a few of the tennis related entities that coexist in a community. ADVERTISEMENT In many instances, it may appear that the tennis community is fragmented and unconnected. This is where the formation of a CTA can provide an umbrella and seek to pull together these numerous elements of the tennis ecosystem. With the coordinated effort from a CTA, the biggest benefactor will be the current or potential tennis players.


When there is an active and engaged CTA that has created a strong community presence, the organization allows multiple people to be involved and contribute to the overall mission. The formation of a diverse and connected board ensures the continuity of the CTA beyond just one individual. In addition, the tennis advocacy message is much more powerful when it is delivered from an organized and united effort of a CTA.  



Community Tennis Association (CTA): Defined by Bylaw VII as any “Any multi-purpose, incorporated, geographically defined, not-for-profit, volunteer support organization which supports or provides comprehensive programs.”


In order to become a nationally registered CTA, an organization must meet the aforementioned criteria and have an active USTA CTA Organization Membership.



  1. CTA will need to possess an active USTA CTA Organization Membership

  2. CTA will go to and create a new account (separate login information than Organization Membership)

  3. CTA will complete and submit an online application

  4. Application reviewed by district/state (if applicable), section, and national staff

  5. CTA will receive notification of their approval status




How to Get Started

If you or your community are interested in starting a CTA, you are in the right place. We have helpful web pages that apply to each phase of a CTA life cycle. Please visit the pages below for more information.



It is also encouraged to reach out to your USTA Section, as they may be able to provide further assistance and guidance.




Resources and Tools

CTA Specific Resources

In collaboration with the National CTA Committee, there have been numerous documents created that aim to provide specific advice and assistance for CTAs. 


Facility Services

How can the USTA help make your tennis facility dream come true? The USTA Facility Services program offers you and your community assistance with technical and financial resources. The USTA offers many Facility Services including business development and technical expertise for all types of facilities and financial assistance to facilities that meet certain criteria.


National Junior Tennis & Learning (NJTL)

NJTL is supported by the USTA Foundation, the national charitable organization of the USTA. The work done by its member chapters includes after-school tutoring that focuses on academic enrichment, a life-skills curriculum and, of course, tennis.


Tennis Industry United

The tennis industry has come together during the COVID-19 pandemic to analyze the needs and concerns of all involved in our sport, collaborating on programs that can provide both immediate and longer-term support. We have assembled a list of resources focused on financial assistance and relief, in order to make accessing the potential help available easier and quicker.  We will continue to provide you with more information and resources throughout this crisis as they are developed.


USTA Sections

The USTA is made up of 17 individual sections, each representing distinct geographic locations throughout the U.S. and all working to support players and promote the growth of the game across the country. In turn, the 17 sections are each comprised of individual districts or states.



The USTA offers an excellent series of webinars for CTAs and tennis advocates throughout the year. Topics vary and are designed to help you grow the game and strengthen your CTA’s tennis programming.


Contact Us

For more information on CTAs, please email us here.


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