March 15, 2023
Mid-Atlantic Flex Leagues


The tennis competition you crave with the flexibility you need!


Flex League lets you hit the courts on your own time with your own schedule! You choose the location, date, and time to play your matches -  perfectly suited for your busy schedule. 


Flex League Highlights:  

    - You and your opponents decide when and where to play your match

    - We provide a suggested schedule but you can play your matches anytime during the season

    - You don’t have to be a USTA member to participate

    - You can select the NTRP rating and/or level you wish to play in. (Your Flex matches do not calculate into your USTA NTRP rating) 

    - $25 flat fee


Register here!



New registration format! 

    - Whether you are a Singles Player or a Doubles Pair, you create your own “team”.


    - Then you register as the only player (or pair) on that team

    - Watch this video or read Step by Step instructions

    - Register for Flex Leagues Here


Flex League Rules



Register: 2/16-3/13.

Play runs from: 3/19-5/29.

Areas: Baltimore, Howard- Columbia, Montgomery, DC, Charlottesville, Loudoun, NOVA, Richmond, Peninsula and Virginia Beach. 



Register: 4/3-6/5

Play runs from: 6/11-8/20


Contact flex@mas.usta.com for more information on Flex Leagues. If you don't see a level/area that you are interested in, please email us! If we have interest, we are happy to add new programs. 


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