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If you're a competitor that’s looking for an organized game or is new to Northwestern Ohio and want to make friends, then the USTA League program is for you. Physically, you may be in the office or at home, but your mind is on the tennis court. You just love to play tennis. There's a name for people like you: USTA League player.


USTA League is the country's largest recreational tennis league, providing organized, structured team matches for men and women of all ability levels. Because all teams are set up according to a self-rate Dynamic NTRP rating, you're always sure that you'll be facing off against someone of comparable ability. As part of a team, you've got a built-in support entourage and a group of friends to socialize with.


The USTA League program is open to men and women 18 years of age and older, and features local, district, and section championships, culminating in a national championship. There's no better way to have fun and make friends while playing the game you love. Our programs have expanded to include adults 18 and over, 40 and Over, and 55 and over. In addition, we have Mixed Doubles 18 and Over (men and women combine to make a team), Mixed Doubles 40 and over and Combo Doubles (combine your rating to make a team)/. Whether you're a beginner or you're in a league of your own as a player, we've got a USTA league team for a player like you.

Goal of the league is to provide 10-12 matches per season but is dependent on the number of teams registered.


Per USTA regulations:  Two team leagues must meet the 40% at NTRP level rule.  Teams are scheduled to play each other a minimum of five times.


In most situations, we follow the below formats for scheduling except during Mixed and Combo 

  • 3 or 4 teams: constitutes on flight and play each other 3x - no playoffs
  • 8 or less teams: constitutes one flight and play each other 2x in a season - no playoffs
  • 9-10 teams: plays each team in flight 1x with playoffs - # of teams in playoffs is Top 2
  • 11-17 teams: plays each team in flight 1x with playoffs - # of teams in playoffs (max of 3 teams includes day league). In some cases this can also go to a random draw with the same number of teams going to championships.  

  • 18 -29 teams: divided into two flights - top team in each flight goes to playoffs
  • 30 or more teams divided into three flights with the Winner of each flight going to Championships


The number of matches will be determined by the number of weeks available and number of teams in the league. In some cases, a partial round robin or a random draw will be implemented.



Championships format for multiple flights/sub-flights/sub-flights within a level

If there are multiple flights and or sub-flights, and the teams play each other once within the flight/sub-flight, the number 1 team of each flight/sub-flight will automatically advance to a position in the District Championships. A maximum of 3 teams will be invited to District Championships UNLESS there are 4 flights/sub-flights for a particular level of play. In that instance, 4 teams will advance to the district championships.


If teams play each other two or more times within a flight/sub-flight, only the number 1 team advances to the District Championships.


If a team declines a spot in District Championships, teams with winning records within the flight will be invited to fill spots.

We have countless captains that help make USTA League play possible in Northwestern Ohio. Learn more about what they do and find captain resources below!

League Contact: Amy Beaverson

Text or call (317) 941-3509 amy@midwest.usta.com for additional league information.


Click here for the captain's agreement to register your team and request a team number.






Captains who recruit players are rewarded with money!


1 new 2.5 W or 5.0 - 3 court team: $125 (3 new players)

(55s or 65) 

1 new 5 court team: $150 (4 new players)


New players are defined as not playing in 2023. Apply for the incentive using our online form.



What it Means to Be a Captain:



  • Be familiar with the structure, procedures and local league, sectional and national rules, as well as the general rules of tennis to keep your team informed.


Be There!


  • Attend all local league meetings and be in contact with your local league coordinator in case of any changes made to the league.


Find Interested Players


  • Recruit enough players to field a complete team for every match.




  • Ensure that all players meet the eligibility requirements: Have a valid NTRP rating, USTA membership and be the minimum age for the league.
  • Obtain a team number from your league coordinator.
  • Distribute all materials to your team including: Team number, schedule of play, current rules and regulations and a list of team members with telephone numbers and emails.
  • Confirm home and away matches and contact opposing team captains to confirm date and time of match. Assist your local league coordinator in rescheduling postponed or delayed matches.
  • Organize all materials necessary for the team’s participation at the championship level, if your team qualifies.


Get Results In


  • Record match results on TennisLink within 48 hours (per regulations).
District Championships

2024 USTA Northwestern Ohio District Adult Championships 

August 3-4, 2024



State Championships

2024 Ohio State Adult Championships

August 9-11, 2024

Hosted by USTA Northeastern Ohio



Section Championships

View information on the Midwest Championships here.


Publicity Form

Required to have filled out by a team at each level of Championships


Player Decision Form

Only for players that are on two eligible Championship teams at the same level

Regulation and Rules


Grievances & Appeals


League Fees

$44.00 USTA Adult Membership | Become a USTA Member here.


All League costs listed are prior to Tennislink Fee ($3-$5)

$47.00 USTA League Adult 18 and Over & 40 and Over
$37.00 USTA League Adult 55 and Over
$38.00 USTA League Mx Doubles 18 and Over
$35.00 USTA League Mx Doubles 40 and Over
$35.00 USTA League Combo Fee

$18.00 per person for indoor court time

Have a question about League play?

Contact League Coordinator Amy Beaverson at amy@midwest.usta.com or phone at (317) 941-3509. Or contact District Executive Director, Sheryl Birch at (419) 297-7134 or nwota4birch@bex.net.



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