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Northwestern Ohio

Championship Information

Section Championships

View information on the Midwest Championships here.




Publicity Form

Required to have filled out by a team at each level of Championships


Player Decision Form

Only for players that are on two eligible Championship team at the same level



District Championships Format

  • If teams within a single flight play each other two or more times during the season, the top team will advance to the next level of championship play.
  • In single flights consisting of 8 or less teams playing each other 1 time only the top 2 teams will advance to a flight playoff
  • In single flights consisting of 9 to 10 teams, the top 2 teams will advance to the District Championships.
  • In the cases of a single flights 11- 15 teams, teams will play each other with the top 3 teams or 2 if there is a day league to progress to championships.
  • In the case that the total number of teams is between 16-17, the teams will split into 3 sub-flights. The winner of each sub-flight will progress to District Championships
  • In the case that the total number of teams is 18-29, the teams will be split into 2 sub-flights. Each winner of the sub-flights will progress to District Championships.
  • In the event of a day league sub-flight, the winner of the day sub-flight will make up the 3rd spot of the district championships or, the number 2 positions of the 2 sub-flights will play off for the 3rd spot in the district championships.
  • In the case that the total number of teams is 30 or more, the teams will be split into 3 sub-flights.

**** League that run a shortened season may have to have adjustments depending on the number of teams,

If one flight within shortened format only playing 1x - top 1 and 2 teams will advance to championships



Championships format for multiple flights/sub-flights/sub-flights within a level

If there are multiple flights and or sub-flights, and the teams play each other once within the flight/sub-flight, the number 1 team of each flight/sub-flight will automatically advance to a position in the District Championships. A maximum of 3 teams will be invited to District Championships UNLESS there are 4 flights/sub-flights for a particular level of play. In that instance, 4 teams will advance to the district championships.


If teams play each other two or more times within a flight/sub-flight, only the number 1 team advances to the District Championships.


If a team declines a spot in District Championships, teams with winning records within the flight will be invited to fill spots.


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