Midwest / Ohio Valley

Dayton League

Dayton Local League Coordinator:

Maja Flannery, daytonleagues@gmail.com


Important Information: Rules



January 2024 Dayton Summer Captains Meeting


About Dayton Leagues:

Dayton runs a wide variety of USTA Adult Leagues in the Fall, Winter and Summer for men and women. Below is a list of general offerings; some leagues may run at different times due to court availability and captain/player preference.


  • 18&0 - Fall and Winter
  • 40&0 - Summer
  • 55&0 Women - Fall/Winter/Summer
  • 55&O Men - Summer
  • 65&0 Men and Women - Summer
  • 18&0 Mixed - Summer
  • 40&0 Mixed - Fall/Winter/Summer
  • Combo - Summer
  • Tri-Level - Fall/Winter


Clubs Information:

Dayton USTA League is a club-based league requiring membership once you’ve played Fall or Winter USTA. Club membership is not required for Summer USTA League participation. All USTA matches are scheduled indoors, with exception of Beavercreek Clay Courts, participating only in Summer leagues.


Participating clubs include:
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