Designated Open Sectional Championships Criteria FAQ

June 23, 2020

Q. What is the reasoning for the reclassification of the Super Category 2, Category 2, and Category 3 events for the remainder of 2020?


We wanted to encourage local play and provide Tournament Directors the opportunity to host events and players the chance to earn National points while playing closer to home. With the COVID-19 pandemic and Sections opening up in different dates, we wanted to make sure we provided a fair play across the age group tournaments so Sections can make the decision on when is the best time on a case to case basis to resume tournament play. 


Q. How does it work?


The premise is to offer adult Category 2 points to all remaining Super Category 2, Category 2, and Category 3 tournaments. Understanding that some Sections will not have any of these tournaments in their schedule, we offer those Sections to host Sectional tournaments in which we will provide the same allocation of points.


The goal is to have at least one of these events per Section, but it is understandable if Sections decide not to host any adult tournaments under current circumstances. 


Participation in these Designated Open Sectional Championships will count towards a player eligibility requirement for Senior International Cups. 


Q. How will USTA National know what tournaments are classified as Designated Open Sectional Championships?


We will work closely with the Sections to see their applications. Also, we will add the right nomenclature to the tournaments’ Tennis Link website. 

When the National Standings List is run, we will award these events with Category 2 points and it will reflect on a player’s ranking accordingly. 


Q. How many Designated Open Sectional Championships is a Sections allowed to host in 2020? 


We are requesting that Sections offer no more than four Designated Open Sectional Championships for the remainder of 2020.


Q. Will the tournaments selected have the same classification in 2021? 


No. The Adult Competition Committee is looking closely at the Adult Tournament Calendar to provide the most accurate and conflict-free 2021 schedule. The new classification of these events is a 2020 exception with the current COVID-19 environment. 


Q. Is there a list of criteria a Tournament Director needs to follow prior to selecting them or can the section make that decision? 


For new Designated Open Sectional Championships, the Section can determine which tournament to give the new classification. There are no certain criteria required by the USTA National. These tournaments will follow the Sectional tournaments criteria. 


Q. How would players be notified? 


We will post this information to the USTA website, and we will add the new reclassification to all tournaments Tennis Link webpage. 


Q. Can anyone from different Sections enter these tournaments?


Yes. These tournaments are open to players of different Sections. 


Please click here for the current 2020 points per round table.


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