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Throughout the state of Connecticut, tennis facilities are booming in large part because of the excitement and comradery of USTA League Tennis. Connecticut’s 2018 season saw 726 teams playing in 32 different leagues. Four Connecticut teams became New England Section Champions, earning the right to play at USTA Adult League National Championships.


USTA League Tennis has grown exponentially across the country, providing the perfect combination of competition and social opportunity for adults eighteen and over at all levels of ability. It is the nation’s largest recreational tennis program, and Connecticut, with the support of USTA New England, competes impressively at all levels of play.


The beauty of USTA League Tennis is that there is a place for everyone, whether brand new to tennis or experienced players seeking to compete well after high school and college playing days are over. Tennis is a lifetime sport with over 325,000 players nationwide participating in adult tennis leagues.


Tennis leagues are organized for competitive team match play for women, men and mixed doubles.  Adult tennis eeams are organized and scheduled for local competition throughout the year based on the NTRP rating system to ensure that you compete with players at your level, with ratings evaluated once a year, to keep the competition on an equal footing.


While competitive spirit is an important part of league tennis play, it is balanced with a social atmosphere and an opportunity to get to know players from all over your region.


Connecticut is an active tennis state considering its size, and has leagues in three local areas: Eastern, Northern and Southern.


Whether you are a hopeful new player, a recreational player, or a former player who wants to make time for tennis again, Connecticut league tennis welcomes you. You’ll make new friends, sharpen your skills on the court, and find out why USTA league players come back year after year.


Explore the Eastern, Northern and Southern Connecticut League pages for information on programs near you, as well as lists of contacts to help you get started playing right away!


Eastern Connecticut League

Northern Connecticut League

Southern Connecticut League


League Resources

USTA New England League

2024 Championship Calendar

New England USTA League Regulations

National USTA League Regulations

NTRP Rating Information

USTA League Player Guidelines

USTA League Facility Guidelines

New Captain & Player's Guide

Grievance Form

Proposed Regulation Change Form


USTA Connecticut League Coordinators & Committee


Northern Connecticut League Coordinator

Esther Aronson -


Southern Connecticut League Coordinator

Annemarie Rothe -


Eastern Connecticut League Coordinator

Kathy Pavelcak


USTA CT League Committee

Chairman - John Pagano -


Andrew Taylor (SCT):  Regulations Sub-Committee Chair

Robyn Sondak (NCT)
Beth Hall (ECT/NCT/SCT)
Jim Webb (SCT/ECT)
Ellen O’Donnell (SCT/NCT)
Sridhar Srinivasan (NCT) : Captain Appreciation Sub-Committee Chair



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