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Cape Cod


USTA League Cape Cod


Regulations & Procedures


Cape Cod Local USTA League Regulations

Tri-Level FAQs & Details

Tri-Level Regulations

Coman Tiebreak Procedure

Match Ending Rules

EZ Reference Guide

Friend at Court




USTA League Player Guidelines

USTA League Facility Guidelines

Virtual Captains Meeting Agenda

Cape Cod League Timeline

Cape Cod Clubs/Directions

2022 Championship Calendar

New Captain & Player's Guide

Captain's Corner

Cape Cod League Facebook Group




Team Commitment Form

Proposed Regulation Change Form

Notify Coordinator of Rescheduled Match

Request to Modify a Scorecard

Player Looking for a Team Form

Grievance Form

Proposed Regulation Change Form


Cape Cod USTA League Coordinator


Barbara Healey

Email: capecod-league@newengland.usta.com


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