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Did you know that Tennis is for Everyone?


For players of all skill levels, USTA League is organized into 4 age groups - 18 & Over, 40 & Over, 55 & Over and 65 & Over.  Formats include singles, doubles and mixed doubles.


  • You can take 12,270 steps playing 60 minutes of tennis.
  • Playing tennis 3 hours a week improves your life expectancy.
  • Tennis is "an ideal sport for a healthy heart."
  • You can increase your capacity to deal with stress using the critical thinking and problem solving required by tennis.
  • Make lifelong friends and league matches can be the best time and most fun part of your week.
  • The 18 & Over leagues are inclusive
  • New initiatives are underway to enroll the 18-39 year old age group by offering different leagues that appeal to these players
  • The largest NTRP group for league players is 3.5 for women and 4.0 for men
We have a League for YOU!

USTA League New England is comprised of 15,000 players who compete in 10 local areas around the section in different divisions and age groups. Players can compete in Adult and Mixed (co-ed) divisions in four different age groups. There are also Tri-Level opportunities and Combo Leagues. 


Year-round offerings are played during various timeframes between September and August. All adult tennis programs with the exception of Combo Leagues have national advancement opportunities. 


USTA League programs in New England take the fun and excitement of the game of tennis to a higher level by offering the “championship experience”. USTA League in New England features District and Sectional Championships, with top teams advancing to Nationals throughout October and November. New England sends nearly 40 teams to Nationals each year.  


We are proud that USTA League is and continues to be the USTA New England flagship program. Learn more about the adult tennis programs through our league. 




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