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Maine USTA League


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Maine USTA League Payment Sheet

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2023 Team Commitment Form

Proposed Regulation Change Form

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Request to Modify a Scorecard

Player Seeking a Team Form

Proposed Regulation Change Form


Maine USTA League Coordinators



Maine USTA League Committee


  • Chair - Meri McArdle –, (207) 329-4389
  • Sue Strasenburgh
  • Lori Poulin
  • Lisa Gilbride
  • Brian Mavor
  • Ron Friedman
  • Stephan Woods
  • Hilary Holm



Captain's Corner

Captain's Corner is an educational resource hub for all USTA League Captains



How to get your NTRP Rating: WATCH

How to Appeal your NTRP Rating: WATCH

How to View Your Team’s Schedule: WATCH

How to Enter Your Match Scores: WATCH

How to View Your Team’s Standings: WATCH



Additional Resources for USTA League Captains

Friend at Court


Friend at Court is the book of rules and regulations under which tennis is played in the United States. It includes the ITF Rules of Tennis, The Code, and USTA Regulations. It is recommended reading for players, parents, coaches, teachers, tournament directors, league officials and anyone who wants a finer understanding of the game.


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