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USTA League Ratings and Appeals

What is the NTRP?

The National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) is a classification system developed in 1978 that identifies and describes the general characteristics of thirteen levels of tennis-playing ability from beginner to pro-level. Recreational leagues offer NTRP player levels of: 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 & 5.5. To learn more, click here.


Why use NTRP Ratings?

Through the use of NTRP, players experience better competition, on court compatibility and personal challenge and enjoyment. NTRP is an excellent tool for player placement in group lessons, leagues, tournaments and other programs.


Do I need an NTRP Rating to play in USTA Leagues and tournaments? If so, how do I obtain one?

Yes! Players without an NTRP rating who wish to participate in Adult Leagues or tournaments must first obtain a rating. Players can earn an NTRP computer rating by playing three or more matches within a year. Players can also self-rate. Create a log in here to get started.


How do I appeal my rating?

After logging in a player can appeal their rating by utilizing the automated appeal link just below their rating. They will receive an immediate response either granting or denying their appeal. If the year-end rating is different than the rostered rating of a player on a current team and they do not successfully appeal to their rostered level then it is the responsibility of the captain and player to notify the local league coordinator so the roster can be updated to reflect the current rating.


CLICK HERE for information on medical appeals.

CLICK HERE for information on the general characteristics of NTRP playing levels

CLICK HERE to begin the process of self-rating



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