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NTRP Rating Appeals

August 31, 2023

Year-End Rating Appeals

This process is only online.   You will know immediately whether it is granted or denied.  If your rating is within the “appealable range” either up or down, it will be granted.  If it is outside that range, it will be denied.  National Championship players will be denied if they try appealing down in the year immediately following their new rating, even if they are within the appealable range. Once you hit "submit," the system will not let you go back. Players should not appeal their rating unless they are sure they want to have it changed. If an auto appeal is granted in error, please contact before you play a league match. USTA National must approve this request.


Year End Rating Appeal Instructions


Approved Ratings - If your rating appeal is approved and you are already registered on a current USTA League Team, email to have rating on your roster changed manually. The rating on your team's roster does not change otherwise. NTRP Dynamic Disqualification procedures as outlined in 2.04B apply to an Appealed (A) player.


Self-Rate Appeals 

Based upon your answers to the Self Rate Questionnaire,  you will be assigned a rating.  If you accept the rating, then you are ready to sign up for the team.  If you disagree and wish to appeal it up, it will be granted automatically. If you wish to appeal it down, it will be reviewed by our PNW Self Rate Appeals Committee.


Self-Rate Appeal Instructions


NOTE: You must appeal your self-rating BEFORE any matches are played.  If you choose to play a match before appealing, you must play at least TWO matches before your appeal will be considered. 


When appealing your rating down, you will fill out a detailed form asking for more specific information to explain why the requested rating is more appropriate.  You will be notified via email as to whether it is accepted, modified or denied.

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Medical Appeals

This is an option for those with a valid computer rating.  In order for a medical appeal to be granted, it must be a permanent and disabling injury or illness that occurred after your most recent Year-End Rating was achieved.  You must submit a completed Medical Appeal Form and have your doctor fill out an Attending Physician’s Statement to include information on the prognosis for recovery with a timeline.  USTA PNW utilizes a Medical Appeals Committee to evaluate all medical appeals and if the appeal is granted at the Section-level, the appeal will be forwarded to the National Medical Appeals Committee for a final decision.

•    Medical Appeal Philosophy and Procedures

•    Medical Appeal Form (Fillable PDF)

•    Attending Physician Statement Form (Fillable PDF)

NOTE: The fillable PDF's are a computer-fillable form that has been created in Adobe Acrobat format, also known as PDF format. To fill out, view, and/or print the application after it has been downloaded, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free program that can be downloaded from the Adobe website, or get the free app.




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