College Tennis:

Sample Email to a Coach


Here is an example of an email to send to a college tennis coach to introduce yourself in the recruiting process:

Dear Coach Smith,

My name is Jane Doe. I am a junior at Central High School in Anytown, USA. I am a member of the varsity tennis team, and I also play USTA Junior Tournaments. I have been ranked as high as No. 10 in our section and No. 175 nationally. I am a three-star recruit on; my World Tennis Number is a 15.4. You can check out my Tennis Recruiting Network profile here:

<insert link here>

My GPA is 3.75. I have recently taken the SAT and had a composite score of 1300. I also took the ACT and had a composite score of 28.

I am very interested in learning more about your university and your tennis program, as I believe I may be a great fit both academically and athletically. ADVERTISEMENT Thank you for your consideration.




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