How to Get Started Playing Tennis

Today, tennis is easy to learn for anyone at any age, because it’s customized to you. Learn how to choose the right size equipment and customize the size of the court and ball color to perfectly suit your game so you’ll achieve greater physical activity and feel successful playing tennis right from the start. 

Find the Right Racquet

For a tennis player, there is no piece of equipment more important than your racquet. You want a racquet that fits you—and your game. So how do you find the right one?


Here's a look at the various racquet sizes available. Plus, click below for a guide on finding the perfect one to help you raise your game.


Selecting the Best Ball for Your Game

Discover with Red Ball

The tennis journey starts with the red ball level. Red balls can be made of foam or felt, are larger, bounce lower and travel slower than the standard yellow ball, making it easier to learn and acquire skills.

Develop with Orange Ball

Orange balls travel through the air a little faster and farther than the red ball, but are the same size and still bounce lower than a yellow ball.

Play for Life with Green & Yellow Ball

Green balls have a slightly reduced bounce compared to the yellow ball, making the transition to a full-size 78’ court much easier.

Play on a Modified Court

Red Court: 36’ x 18’

Short and narrow, making it easy for players to focus on learning the fundamentals of the game.


Orange Court: 60’ x 21’ or 60’ x 27’ (Doubles)

Ideal for players who are still developing their athletic, technical and competitive skills and slightly smaller than the full-size 78’ court.


Green Court: 78’ x 27’ or 78’ x 36’ (Doubles)

At this stage, while continuing to improve their tactical and technical skills, a player’s size does not hinder their ability to cover a full-size tennis court.


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Find a Place to Play

Take advantage of our search tools to find public courts, parks and other nearby tennis facilities. Be sure to call or check your local parks & rec webpage for current operating information, open court times and availability.