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February 1, 2018


We’ve got lots of resources that can help you prepare and stay in the know as you start and continue competing in junior tournaments. Here you’ll find tips to help you get ready for a tournament and other information so you can be your best on court!


Check out the information on rankings/standings to best understand the information you’ll find when looking for this information on TennisLink.


If you have any questions, contact Bonnie Vona, senior manager of junior competition/player development.   




Tips to help you Prepare for a Tournament


2018 Junior Tournament Regulations


2018 Section Schedule with National Events


Mid-Atlantic Code of Conduct


Inclement Weather Policy


Medical and USTA Release


Tournament Evaluation Form


Section Rankings and Standings Information



Click here to find rankings and standing information.  


Understanding Rankings and Standings


Residency Requirement

To be considered for any USTA/Mid-Atlantic Ranking List, a player must be a USTA member in good standing. The player must also maintain a residence or reside within the USTA/Mid-Atlantic Section. No player qualifying and receiving a ranking in another USTA section will be ranked in the USTA/Mid-Atlantic Section.


Tournaments/Events that count for Section Ranking Lists

  • Championship Junior Team Tennis Regionals and Sectionals
  • High School Tennis Matches
  • All USTA/Mid-Atlantic sanctioned tournaments
  • National Tournaments on the USTA Online Searchable Schedule
  • Some special events, as noted on the Tournament Home page

Points Count Down

For all ranking lists*, Points count down one (1) age division as long as the player is age eligible for the younger age division and has at least 1 match win (played) in the younger age within the previous twelve (12) months. [*The only exception is BG12 does not count down to BG10 rankings.]


Points Count Up

Beginning Jan. 1, 2018 and retroactive for 12 months, 20 percent of a player's points earned in one age division will count toward his or her ranking in the next higher age division. After a player ages up, 20 percent of points from younger age division will remain on a player's record until 52 weeks from the date of the tournament if they are among the player's best six singles or doubles results.


Weekly Standings List

The Combined Standings List consists of 100% of a player’s best six (6) singles point totals and 15% of a player’s best six (6) doubles point totals recorded in the Standings program over the preceding twelve (12) month period.

  • Published every Tuesday
  • All age-eligible players who have played at least one tournament in an age division and have at least one match win in the division, will receive a Standing
  • Bonus points for wins over players in the top 100 of the Final Ranking List from the previous month will be added according to the point chart

New Residents: Players whose families have moved to the Mid-Atlantic Section, holding a National Standing in the Top 150 of an age group, will be placed as ‘Eligible’ on the Mid-Atlantic Standing List, at a position commensurate with the rankings of adjacent players. For example: A new player whose national standing is 89 will be placed on the MAS Weekly Standing List between 2 players who are ranked 72 and 105 on the National Standing List. The period shall not exceed 4 months of adjusted position. The position on the Standing List will be used for the sake of selection into a Section Level 4, 4+ or 3 event, but NOT for selection onto Mid-Atlantic National Teams (like Zonals or Intersectionals), unless no other player is available. Parents must  show proof of residency to the satisfaction of the Mid-Atlantic Section Office, such as (but not limited to):

  1. Military Transfer Orders
  2. School registration
  3. Driver’s License
  4. Home Purchase 


Doubles Only Standings List

  • Individual doubles rankings will be published weekly
  • Includes a player’s best six (6) doubles results
  • Used for Selection and Seeding in Doubles Only Tournaments


Monthly Final Ranking List

  • Published at the beginning of each month for the preceding month
  • Is used to calculate Bonus Points during the current month
  • Removes players who age up in the month of publishing


Yearly Final Ranking List

  • Published in January for the preceding year
  • Contains all players who were age eligible for any portion of the preceding year from January 1 to December 31.
  • Players must be a USTA/MAS resident on December 31 to be included


Endorsement List for National Championships

  • Establishes players in the USTA/MAS Quota
  • When possible, published the Monday prior to the tournament deadline  - must be published before Close of Business the Wednesday before the deadline
  • Must have at least 1 match win (played)
  • Must have a minimum of 100 Points
  • Player must enter and compete in at least 3 of the USTA/MAS SUPER SIX events in the 12 months preceding the publish date
    • Enter and compete means that the player must enter the tournament and play until he or she is eliminated. Withdrawals and/or Defaults DO NOT COUNT as completing the tournament; Results will not be added to a player’s Standing and would not qualify the player for inclusion on the Endorsement List.
    • If a player is unable to complete the tournament, the player should retire.

MAS/Junior Competition Committee Comment: The reason that Withdrawals and Defaults do not count toward a player’s participation in SUPER SIX EVENTS is to encourage play within the Section. A player shall not enter and then withdraw, expecting the event to count.   





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