Adult tournaments 

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January 2, 2017
<h1>Adult tournaments </h1>
<h2>National schedule </h2>

Category Schedule Information

Category I: Hone your skills and improve your game by playing competitively. You can play individually or try doubles, mixed or family divisions. These tournaments are offered on clay, hard, grass or indoor surfaces. Please note that these tournaments are sanctioned by the USTA national office and at least one Category I Championship must be played to be eligible for a national ranking.


Click here to view the complete schedule of Category I tournaments.


Category II: These tournaments are sanctioned by the individual USTA sections and annually approved by the USTA's Adult Competition Committee to be included on the National Adult Schedule. Category II tournaments can receive “super” designation based on a number of factors, including draw strength.


Click here to view the complete schedule of Category II tournaments.


Category III: Category III tournaments encourages organizers to offer alternative formats apart from the traditional best-of-three sets or 64-player draws. What you might encounter are round-robin or limited-draw tournaments with different scoring options – all while maintaining the quality level of player for which national USTA events are known.


Click here to find a Category III tournament near you.




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