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About NTRP: National Championships

April 7, 2019 - Action during the USTA NTRP National Championships 18 & Over Menâ  s & Womenâ  s 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 Doubles at Academia Sanchez-Casal in Naples, Florida.

The NTRP National Championships for 2023 will have singles and doubles events for three age divisions: 18+, 40+ and 55+. Qualification for the NTRP Nationals is based on section quota. Please contact your section at the contact listed below for more information. Below, you will find the confirmed dates and venues for the 2023 NTRP Nationals as well as draw and scoring format and eligibility requirements.


Click here for the championship fact sheet and format of play.

Click here for the NTRP National FAQ.

Click here for the NTRP National Rating Requirements.


March 30-April 2, 2023                                                       

18+ Singles in San Diego, Calif.                   

Tournament Director: Paola Diaz de Regules         

Site: Barnes Tennis Center                                    



40+ Singles in Orlando, Fla.                              

Tournament Director: Rick Workman                     

Site: USTA National Campus                                 


55+ Singles in Surprise, Ariz.                          

Tournament Director: Guillermo Lucero           

Site: Surprise Tennis & Racquet Complex            


April 14-16, 2023

18+ Doubles in San Diego, Calif.

Tournament Director  Paola Diaz de Regules      

Site: Barnes Tennis Center


40+ Doubles in Pelham, Ala.

Tournament Director: Chaney Mills

Site: Pelham Racquet Club


55+ Doubles in Surprise, Ariz.

Tournament Director: Guillermo Lucero

Site: Surprise Tennis & Racquet Complex


Click here for the championship fact sheet and format of play

Click here for the NTRP National FAQ.

Click here for the NTRP National Rating Requirements.


Format of Play

Draw Format: Round Robin with playoffs per division*


Each division will consist of round-robin draws that will play into single-elimination draws. Based on where the player finishes in the initial round robin will determine which subsequent single elimination draw the player feeds into.

*Tournament Director reserves the right to modify Draw Format if a limited number of players enter. 


Match Format - Best of 3 short sets. First to 4 games wins the set (short-set tiebreak at 3-3). Service Lets are not played.

Scoring Format - No-ad scoring will be used. At 3 points all (or deuce), the next point wins the game. The receiver chooses which side the point is played on.  In Doubles, the receiving team chooses which side the point is played.

  • Short Set Tiebreak (3 games-all)
  • First to 5 points (do not have to win by 2)


Eligibility Requirements:

The NTRP Championships are based on a player's 2022 NTRP Rating.

  • Players may have been bumped up for 2023.  They are eligible and will play in their qualifying 2022 NTRP Rating.

  • If a player is Double Bumped, the player must play up one level from the qualified level (ie 3.0 bumped to 4.0 must play 3.5). 

  • SELF RATED PLAYERS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE.  A player must have a computer rating.



  • Singles entries close February 26. Doubles entries close March 9. 

  • Players MUST register by entry deadline regardless of endorsement. Late entries will NOT be accepted unless needed to make a RR of 4 players/teams or to replace a withdrawn player. 

  • In order to be endorsed, player MUST be on the respective age/NTRP division as of 2022 Final Ranking OR first published NSL after entries close (depending on endorsement criteria of section). Players with zero points on the Final Ranking of first published NSL will not be selected. 


Section Contacts - NTRP National Championships

Carribean - Angela Vargas (

EasternLynn Buffamonti

Florida - Christine Ducey (

Hawaii - Sara Yoshinyaga

Intermountain - Monica Haller-Bradley

Mid-Atlantic - Rachel Kros

Middle States - Mary Wurtz

Midwest - Greg Boyd

Missouri Valley - Scott Howes

New England - Shawna Fors 

Northern - Taylor Heltne (

Northern California - Cherryl Silva (

Pacific Northwest - Michael Won (

Southern - Milagros Sequera Huss

Southern California - Anthony Shirley (

Southwest - Matt Gleason (

Texas - Veronica Nicholls (


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