Getting Started with USTA Junior Tournaments

Where to start with USTA Junior Tournaments


USTA Junior Tournaments are offered in a variety of formats, including individual, team, non-elimination and elimination. This wide range allows you to compete in a way that makes you feel comfortable, suits your level of play, and helps you experience success. There are seven levels of events ranging from Level 7 (Intermediate) to Level 1 (National Championships) and a universal ranking system that distributes points consistently across the country.



When Should I Start Playing USTA Junior Tournaments?

Players with some competitive match play experience may be interested in exploring USTA Junior Tournaments. The variety of formats available allows you to compete in a way that suits your level and helps you experience success.



What Level Tournament Should I Start With?

All players who are new to tournaments should start with a Level 7 tournament. This level offers:

  • Bottom-up selection process: Players with no USTA ranking will be selected first.
  • Minimal time commitment: Tournaments are no more than one day. Participants get match play without a large time commitment.
  • More play: Non-elimination format means more match play experience for players
  • Earn ranking points: Play a Level 7 and start earning USTA ranking points. Points are earned for each match win.




By registering for USTA Midwest programs and events, players acknowledge that they know and understand, as well as agree to abide by, all rules and regulations detailed in Friend at Court.



How Do USTA Junior Rankings Work?

USTA Junior Rankings are based on a combined Points Per Win (Levels 6-7) and Points Per Round (Levels 1-5) system. Ranking points are earned for winning singles and doubles matches at USTA Junior Tournaments. For more information on how USTA Junior Rankings work, click here.



What’s Next?
  • Enjoying Level 7 tournaments? Keep playing them!
  • Want more competition? Check out Level 6 tournaments.


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