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Junior Tournaments

Junior tournaments are the perfect opportunity to take your game to the next level.

Missouri Valley

USTA Missouri Valley

Junior Tournaments

<h2>USTA Missouri Valley</h2>
<h1>Junior Tournaments</h1>

Searchable Tournament Calendar | USTA Missouri Valley Junior Tournament Schedule

Rules & Regulations | Junior Competition Committee | Resources |

2022 USTA Missouri Valley Junior Tournament Dates



Junior tennis tournaments are the perfect opportunity to take your game to the next level. Perhaps you want to begin your playing career as an entry-level player and compete your way up to national level tournaments, or you may be a more recreational player who just plays a few friendly tennis tournaments a weekend near your hometown. No matter which level you desire, there’s a tournament for you. We offer several formats of tournaments, too:


• Round robin

• Feed-in championships

• Team events for you to compete in across our five-state area.


 This variety allows our next generation of tennis players to compete in a way that makes them feel comfortable, matches their level of play and helps them to experience success. 



Once you have determined you want to try a junior tournament, you can use the USTA's online searchable calendar to quickly view tournaments in a variety of USTA Missouri Valley locations near you. In this window, you can filter by entry level tennis events as well as by your district and/or zip code to view a listing of tournaments in your area. Most tournaments that are entry level will be non-elimination formats and will not count for a ranking. They are designed for players interested in testing the waters with tournament play. For more information on how to prepare for your first tennis tournament, click here


Upcoming USTA Missouri Valley Junior Tournaments

*  denotes recent tournament changes




* Level 4 Open - USTA MV B12 #7 - CANCELLED

Dec. 11

Tournament ID: 21-90905

Life Time Athletic - Des Moines

11911 Hickman Rd.

Urbandale, IA 50323-1814



* Level 4 Open - USTA MV G12 #7 - CANCELLED

Dec. 11

Tournament ID: N/A

Racquet & Health 91 - Tulsa

3030 E. 91st St.

Tulsa, OK 74137  


* Level 4 Open - USTA MV B14 #7 - CANCELLED

Dec. 11

Tournament ID: 21-95910

Woods Tennis Center

401 S. 33rd St.

Lincoln, NE 68510




* Level 4 Open - USTA MV G14 #7 - CANCELLED

Dec. 11

Tournament ID: N/A

Oak Tree Country Club - Edmond

700 West Country Club Dr.

Edmond, OK 73025


* Level 4 Open - USTA MV B16 #7 - CANCELLED

Dec. 11

Tournament ID: N/A

Jayhawk Tennis Center

233 Rock Chalk Ln.

Lawrence, KS 66049


* Level 4 Open - USTA MV G16 #7 - CANCELLED

Dec. 11

Tournament ID: N/A

Overland Park Racquet Club

6800 W. 91st St.

Overland Park, KS 66212


* Level 4 Open - USTA MV B18 #7 - CANCELLED

Dec. 11

Tournament ID: N/A


7990 N. Farley Ave.

Kansas City, MO 64158


* Level 4 Open - USTA MV G18 #7 - CANCELLED

Dec. 11

Tournament ID: N/A

Missouri Athletic Club

1777 Des Peres Rd.

St. Louis, MO 63131


The USTA Missouri Valley follows the USTA Missouri Valley 2021 Junior Tournament Rules and Regulations and USTA Friend at Court at all USTA Missouri Valley tournaments. 


The Junior Competition Committee is the group responsible for implementing policy at junior section events. The Committee is comprised of a Chair and a representative from each district. For questions or concerns with junior policy, please contact your local representative and/or the section office.


If you have any questions about junior tennis tournaments in your area, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your local organizer. Each district has its own staff and website where information can be found on junior competition that is taking place in your area.


These documents will be used at all section and national events:

USTA Suspension Point System

Player Oath

USTA Missouri Valley Level 1 Quota List


Ready to take your tennis game to the next level? Check out the National Junior Tournament Schedule and Resources for competing at the national level. 


Local Tennis Tournament Resources


To learn more about junior tournaments in your area, contact your district’s junior tournament coordinator:

Heart of America: Stacy Turtledove |

Iowa: Faith Bliss |

Kansas: Simon Norman |

Missouri: Courtney Nesbitt |

Nebraska: Justin Bigsby |

Oklahoma: David Minihan |

St. Louis: Carobeth Kelly |


Here are some  Tournament Director Resources


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