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Displaying Great Sportsmanship

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Great Sports Make A Sport Great


USTA Missouri Valley expects all players, spectators and providers to respect each other and the game of tennis to provide a welcoming experience to all involved. Players who go above and beyond to display good sportsmanship have an opportunity to be nominated by their peers to win a sportsmanship award. For more USTA resources about sportsmanship, click here.



Handle victory and defeat with grace and dignity and treat opponents with fairness and courtesy.



Set the example for your kids by creating a positive and encouraging environment.



Stress importance of Sportsmanship as highly as the development of strokes and strategy. 

SuperSport: A USTA Missouri Valley Sportsmanship Initiative


We are thrilled to announce the launch of the SuperSport sportsmanship campaign. In collaboration with the Match Tennis App, this initiative will celebrate players for displaying outstanding sportsmanship during their tournaments or matches. This campaign aims to cultivate a positive environment for all participants, regardless of their age or level of play. 


As part of this initiative, a SuperSport Sprint will take place in 2024 with the winner earning a special Grand Prize. Prizes will also be awarded throughout the year to players who receive sportsmanship nominations. For more information, please see below. Please see this guide for a detailed explanation of how to nominate a player. For additional information, click here.


Challenge Policies & Disclaimers


From January 1, 2024 through December 31, 2024, USTA Missouri Valley, in collaboration with the Match Tennis App, will run the SuperSport campaign to promote good behavior from players during tournaments. This nomination and award system aims to incentivize and reward players who exhibit exemplary sportsmanship, with the ultimate goal of creating a more positive and respectful tournament environment for all participants. The following policies and disclaimers shall apply to the Sportsmanship Award System and the use of the Match Tennis App and USTA Missouri Valley and participating USTA districts: Heart of America, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and St. Louis.

Players, spectators, tournament staff, and coaches are entitled to nominate up to three players who have demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship at each individual tournament held within USTA Missouri Valley during the designated contest period. Follow this guide to learn how to vote for a SuperSport.

Any USTA Missouri Valley player competing in USTA L3-L7 or Junior Circuit tournaments within USTA Missouri Valley during the designated contest period is eligible to participate in the SuperSport campaign. 


Any USTA Missouri Valley player competing in USTA L4-L7 Adult Tournaments [NTRP, Age Group, or Family Tournaments] within USTA Missouri Valley during the designated contest period is eligible to participate in the SuperSport campaign.

The SuperSport campaign includes a tiered reward system wherein players who receive a specified number of nominations shall be awarded certain items. Any player, parent or tournament staff member may nominate individual players for the Sportsmanship Award by utilizing the Sportsmanship Award button on the tournament page within the Match Tennis App to nominate players, or by using the respective external tournament nomination page. The tiered reward system shall be as follows: 


  • Semi-Annually: USTA Missouri Valley Selected Award

    • 5 Nominations: SuperSport Crusade Branded item from the USTA Missouri Valley Store

    • 10 Nominations: $50 coupon code to the USTA Missouri Valley Store

  • Monthly Junior Drawings: District Awarded

  • Quarterly Adult Drawings: District Awarded


In addition to the tiered awards, a Grand Prize Sportsmanship award shall be given to one junior tournament player and one adult tournament player with the highest number of nominations. The Grand Prize Sportsmanship award shall be awarded annually, with the player with the most qualified nominations in the set time period being awarded the Grand Prize.


Grand Prize


  1. Nominations: Beginning January 1, 2024, players will receive nominations for the Grand Prize.

  2. Grand Prize: A trip for two to the 2024 US Open. Players will accumulate votes from January 1, 2024, until July 31, 2024, the official Grand Prize Freeze Selection Date.


Grand Prize: 2024 US Open 


  • Dates: August 26 - September 8, 2024

  • US Open Ground Pass Tickets for two provided by USTA Missouri Valley

  • Airfare $800 provided by Match Tennis App 

  • Hotel $500 Grant provided by USTA Missouri Valley 

  • $30 US Open Store gift card

  • Grand Prize Giveaway announced First week of August after July 31 contest cutoff for US Open Trip.

Pursuant to the regulations of this competition, participants shall be eligible for a maximum allocation of six (6) points/nominations for the individual designated as the nominations leader during a single tournament. All other participants shall be entitled to a maximum of five (5) points per tournament.

For the full list of rules & regulations, please click here.

For more insights into positive coaching and sportsmanship, please watch these videos with former WTA player and current tennis coach Tara Snyder.


Suspension Point System

Players, parents and coaches can all earn suspension points for the player. Anyone associated with the player can now earn suspension points for engaging in unsporting behavior. Learn more.


Safe Play

USTA Missouri Valley is committed to providing a safe and respectful environment for athletes to thrive in. Safe Play is the USTA’s comprehensive athlete safety program consisting of education, screening, reporting tools, and policies for appropriate conduct in tennis. The USTA works with the U.S. Center for SafeSport and the United States Olympic Committee to develop Safe Play policies, procedures, and educational resources to support the USTA Safe Play program. We have adopted the educational resources provided by the U.S. Center for SafeSport to inform parents and athletes of all ages about preventing misconduct in sport.


At USTA Missouri Valley, we STRONGLY encourage all athletes and their parents/legal guardians to familiarize themselves with Safe Play. To access these resources please visit https://www.usta.com/en/home/safe-play/resources.html.

League Sportsmanship Nominations


Are you a USTA League player who witnessed or experienced good sportsmanship? Please use this form to nominate your peers for their display of great sportsmanship. We know leagues can get competitive, so we want to highlight and honor those who go above and beyond to make everyone's experience on the court a positive one. You can nominate as many people as you would like but they have to be on an opposing team. At the end of every month we will randomly draw a winner to receive an amazing tennis prize pack. This prize pack is filled with tons of USTA swag and a $30 credit towards your next league registration! At the end of the quarter we will then randomly select someone who submitted a nomination and that person will get a gift from USTA Missouri Valley. See, it pays to nominate too! The more you nominate the more times your name is entered.



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