Junior Sportsmanship Pins

Sportsmanship Pins are presented by tournament staff to deserving individuals during the tournament.


Sportsmanship is defined as “fairness, respect for one’s opponents, and graciousness in winning or losing," and it is those qualities we wish to promote and instill in players of all ages. But, sportsmanship isn’t just reserved for the players on the court. Coaches, parents, and fans also need to be aware of how they behave during competition.


Sportsmanship is a style and an attitude, and it can have a positive influence on everyone around you. USTA Texas is dedicated to not only promoting a solid competitive atmosphere, but also to developing players into respectful and fair adults by continually raising awareness and promoting positive sportsmanship behaviors, both on and off the court. 

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Rahul Aduru L3 Boys 12s
Rahul Aduru L3 Boys 12s
William CEwan L5 Boys 18s
Brayden Effler L5 Boys 16s
Ethan Flores L3 Boys 18s
Ethan Flores L3 Boys 18s
Valentina Franck L3 Girls 12s
Erin GAN-Dy L3 Girls 14s
Luis Gomez L5 Girls 18s
Jack Ingram L3 Boys 18s
Jack Ingram L3 Boys 18s
Kayden Johnson L3 Girls 16s
Mateo Mejia L3 Boys 14s
Alek Mesarovic L5 Boys 18s
Ericka Olson L3 Girls 16s
Aditya Paravasthuramesh L3 Boys 16s
Lucia Riojas L3 Girls 12s
Anish Row L3 Boys 16s
Catherine Shen L3 Girls 18s
Catherine Shen L3 Girls 18s
Maddox Tran L3 Boys 12s
Mateo Vicens L3 Boys 12s
Allan Xu L3 Boys 16s
Swadhin Yerragudi L3 Boys 16s

Maya Bowe L4 Girls 18s
Kai Maloof L6 Boys 12s

Thank You


Tournament Directors who have recently submitted Sportsmanship Pin Winnners: 

Ernie Abraham

Connor Bond

Kevin Collins

Diane Curry

Ramon Dunivan

Steve Franklin

Mary Lynn Gayler

Sammy Giammalva

Mia Gordon

David Gray

Arnaud Guillemard

Bobby Hagerman

Seelye Harrison

Cheryl Hultquist

Jeff Kurnik

Claire McFerran

Brian Notis

Edgar Pena

Daniel Rubio

Lee Thornburg

Lauren Vu




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