We believe in creating a positive and welcoming environment for players of all ages. By focusing on play, building character, and championing individual challenges, we empower them to grow and develop at their own pace. It’s all about providing players the opportunity to enjoy tennis on their own terms. Kids who play tennis will be healthier, happier and have a game they can play for life.


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For more information about tennis at the local level or tennis in school programs, reach out to USTA Texas school PE coordinator Michelle Cross at michelle.cross@texas.usta.comschool team tennis coordinator Edgar Lazcano at edgar.lazcano@texas.usta.comand/or your local Community Service Coordinator (CSC).

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School P.E. Tennis

USTA School Tennis provides teachers with resources to engage their students - all at no cost! With turnkey curricula, right-sized equipment, and countless other incentives, students can learn at their own pace and explore exciting new ways to grow their tennis game.


Not only is tennis a healthy lifetime sport, it’s an activity that helps in key development areas – mental skills and problem-solving, accountability and sportsmanship, cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and hand-eye coordination – not to mention it’s more fun to play now than ever before.


Through the collaborative effort between the USTA and SHAPE America, the program represents a standards-based, comprehensive curriculum that all teachers can easily implement into K-12 school settings. By aligning with the SHAPE America National Standards and Grade-Level Outcomes, the curriculum (in tandem with free, right-sized equipment) provides the foundation for tennis can meet the needs of all students. 

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School Team Tennis

Enable your kids to make smart health and wellness choices by incorporating tennis into your school’s athletic program. No courts are required, and the game can be sized right for students’ age and ability. Registration includes a recognition certificate and an incentive gift. 


Resources for Middle and High School Team Tennis

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School Workshops

The USTA School Tennis Workshop was designed to help physical educators, teachers, and coaches of all levels become comfortable introducing students to this sport of a lifetime. Our goal is to simulate lesson plans from the School Tennis curricula to help teachers learn how to organize their space to deliver an active, safe, and fun tennis unit for their kids. 


In an effort to provide an interactive and impactful experience for participants, a standard workshop lasts three (3) hours. However, our trainers are happy to work with you to accommodate your group's schedule, space, and size. USTA Texas will issue continuing education (CE) credits to attendees following the workshop, and best of all - it's all free!

School Partnerships

The purpose of the School Partnership Program is to create connections between in-school tennis and out-of-school programs. By providing local and relevant play opportunities, School Partners allow students to continue learning, playing, and enjoying the game of tennis in their community after being introduced to it in their PE class. In addition to having a local tennis contact to assist with assemblies, field days, and other programs, teachers who connect with a School Partner(s) are eligible to receive free equipment for their school.


The School Partnership Program isn't "one size fits all." Our School Partners come in many shapes and sizes!


Whether it's an organization - CTA, NJTL, Parks & Rec, Boys & Girls Club, YMCA, Special Olympics Chapter, private or public tennis center - individual provider - certified tennis professional, school team tennis coach, USTA League player, parent or volunteer - our Texas Partners serve as a "stepping stone" for players to explore the game and take the next step in their tennis journey.


Thanks to our Texas School Partners for helping us introduce tennis to 1000+ schools across the state!

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