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Aguiar & Cestero reign at

the Junior Sectional



June 3, 2019

The Junior Sectional Championship was held from May 24 to June 2, 2019  at the Honda Tennis Center of Bayamón, Puerto Rico. This event is highly anticipated by the Caribbean players since it allows them to accumulate a great number of points towards their local ranking.


After two weekends of intense competition, all categories - from 12 to 18 years & under - started unveiling their new leaders.


In the 18 & under category, Maricé Aguiar and Gabriel Cestero were crowned champions over Fabiana Tort (6-1, 6-0) and Benjamin Grossman (6-3; 7-6 (9), respectively. For this achievement, both were recognized with the special awards that celebrate the winners of this age group. Aguiar received the Gigi Fernández Cup, while Cestero was awarded with the Joey Short Cup.


Among the 16 & under players, Alex Aguiar rose with the victory against Sebastien Torres (6-3; 6-3) in the boy's division, and Sara Snyder (1) won in the girls' division over Daniella O'Neill (6-3; 6-2).



Patricia Vila had impressive participation in this tournament, dominating Andrea Perez, first seeded in the 14U category, and then defeating Claudia Pérez in the final (5-7; 6-4; 6-1; ). In the boy's group, the favorite was also eliminated by Nicholas Snyder, who conquered the championship after defeating Alec Martinez (6-2; 6-4).


Finally, in the 12U category, Diego Woollis won over Lester Marín (6-0; 6-4) while Bela Martínez ended as champion after beating Siena Schintler (7-5; 6-0).


During the award ceremony of this tournament, each year the Jaime L. González Sportsmanship Award is presented to recognize sportsmanship and to encourage the competitive spirit of the players. The winners of this year were Fabiana Tort and Gabriel Cestero.


Also, the Loyalty Award is granted every year to a group of players that get to conclude their high school senior year, while actively participating in the events of the Caribbean Tennis Association. Most of them were admitted to different universities around the United States with scholarships to play tennis.


The winners of this award were: Daniela Latoni, Amanda Rivera, Inés Rivera, Vanellie Meléndez, Chiana Barski, Estefany González, Mariangelis Plumey, Benjamin Grossman, Guillermo Torres, André Zequeira, Luis A. Benabe, Ricardo Garcia, Jayven Santiago and Sergio Rivera.


The Junior Tournaments Circuit continues with the Junior Open 3, to be held from August 16 to 18 - for categories 12U & 16U; and from September 6 to 8 for the categories of 14U & 18U.


Junior Sectional Championship

Final Results: 


Boys' 16 Singles

(1) Alex Aguiar d. (2) Sebastien Torres 6-3; 6-3


Girls' 16 Singles

(1) Sara Snyder d. (2) Daniella O'Neill 6-3; 6-2


Boys' 18 Singles

(2) Gabriel Cestero d. (1) Benjamin Grossman 6-3; 7-6(9)


Girls' 18 Singles

(1) MariaCecilia Aguiar d. Fabiana Tort-Umpierre 6-1; 6-0




Boys' 12 Doubles

(1) Marin Lianza/Woollis d. Arenas/Cosculluela 6-2; 6-2


Girls' 12 Doubles

(1) CORREA/Schintler d. (2) Ariza/Pamias Mendez 6-4; 6-0


Boys' 14 Doubles

(2) Del Toro/Vazquez d. (1) Polish/Snyder 2-6; 6-2; 1-0(4)


Girls' 14 Doubles

(1) Perez Diaz/Perez-Garcia d. (2) Lopez/Vila 6-4; 6-4


Boys' 16 Doubles

Dilan/Vazquez d. (1) Aguiar/Rivera-Gordillo 6-7(3); 6-2; 1-0(6)


Girls' 16 Doubles

Aponte/Ocasio d. (2) Diaz/Ruiz Vega 6-3; 4-6; 1-0(6)


Boys' 18 Doubles

(1) Grossman/Marrero d. (2) Cestero/Diaz 6-3; 6-3


Girls' 18 Doubles

(2) Snyder/Tort-Umpierre d. (1) Melendez/Suarez 6-2; 6-2


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