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September 16, 2019

Andrea Pérez Díaz, an outstanding junior player in the Caribbean section, was selected by the USTA to be part of the inaugural Net Generation Aces program at the US Open 2019. The program recognize athletes between the ages of 13 and 17 who are making a positive difference in their local communities through creative and impactful tennis programs. The 17 Net Generation Aces were selected by their respective USTA sections for embodying the youth tennis program’s character pillars: respect, responsibility, listening, effort, teamwork, and sportsmanship.


The Net Generation Aces attended the US Open as part of a four-day VIP trip that included a suite experience at Arthur Ashe Kids' Day and a working session with USTA senior management and professional players, where the Aces provided feedback on the current initiatives of the USTA and discussed ideas for future programming.



Following the US Open, the Net Generation Aces will represent the USTA by showing positivity, sportsmanship and leadership in their local communities, providing continuing feedback, collaborating with fellow Aces on Net Generation projects, and participating in quarterly video webinars.


This year's Net Generation Aces are:


·  Madeleine Au of Honolulu, Hawaii (USTA Hawaii Pacific)

·  Brooklyn Bindas of Rochester, Mass. (USTA New England)

·  Maeve Cassidy of Monroe, N.Y. (USTA Eastern)

·  Sophie Davidson of Greenwood, Ind. (USTA Midwest)

·  Angelina Fosbinder of Charlotte, N.C. (USTA Southern)

·  Jack Garchik of Highland Beach, Fla. (USTA Florida)

·  Kyle Garner of Eagle, Idaho (USTA Intermountain)

·  Eli Gilbert Susser of Corpus Christi, Texas (USTA Texas)

·  Oskar Jansson of Minneapolis, Minn. (USTA Northern)

·  Kane Kelley of Tarzana, Calif. (USTA Southern California)

·  Ethan Lee of Tucson, Ariz. (USTA Southwest)

·  Brooks Lerfald of Eugene, Ore. (USTA Pacific Northwest)

·  Santiago Montgomery of San Jose, Calif. (USTA Northern California)

·  Andrea Pérez Díaz, of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico (USTA Caribbean)

·  Clare Plachy of Lincoln, Neb. (USTA Missouri Valley)

·  Saige Roshkoff of Haverford, Pa. (USTA Middle States)

·  Derek Yan of Potomac, Md. (USTA Mid-Atlantic)


“We are honored to recognize these young leaders and athletes who are inspiring positive change in their local communities,” said Craig Morris, USTA’s Chief Executive of Community Tennis. “Some of the noteworthy contributions these outstanding individuals have made include creating community-based programs, bringing awareness to adaptive tennis play, and implementing tennis ball recycling initiatives. The USTA plans to work with the Net Generation Aces, to learn more about the impact tennis has on young players’ lives. We feel reaching young athletes through their peers is a powerful and effective way to continue growing the sport.”


The new Net Generation Aces Program marks the two-year anniversary of Net Generation, the USTA’s official youth tennis brand, which empowers and equips kids ages 5-18 to play tennis while providing resources to parents, coaches, and providers to help set new standards and drive participation across the country.

A brief summary of Andrea Pérez experience at the Net Gen Aces 2019:


“We arrived in New York on Friday, and on Saturday it was full of great emotions, starting the day meeting the 16 Athletes who are part of the Net Generation Aces 2019 program of different Sections of the USTA and the Leiah Friedman Staff who runs the program .


They were offered a tour at the Arthur Ashe Stadium very impressive. They shared in a Suite the surprise of the visit of Venus Williams and the Brian Brothers, who expressed their best advice for their lives. They participated in the entire Arthur Ashe Kids Day Show and enjoyed the artist show. "



Sunday was one full of emotions and was attended by each member of the program, their community projects, their commitment and contribution to this Net Generation Aces 2019 Program. ”



Kid Caster @ US Open


Another Net Generation Ambassador, Amaury “Mati” Blondet, representative of the Caribbean Section, made his debut as one of the “Kid Caster” of the US Open 2019.


In the first intervention, we can see Mati with his partner Andre M. Alcantara present the Queens Day where they witnessed an epic match between the legends John McEnroe and Jim Courier. They also stated what’s the most they enjoyed at the Open: “the dance, the food and fun”.


During the second intervention, we see the presentation of David Brewer, Director of the Tournament and the kid casters developing an interview with Zoran Fremont, Referee of the Tournament. On this occasion the kids ask him some very interesting questions about the developing of the Draw Ceremony that is done every year at the US Open.


In the third intervention they appear in their favorite place, the Net Generation Kid’s Zone. Here Amaury describes the attractiveness of the place where they can play all kinds of games, cool off the heat and have the possibility of even playing with a Pro. Amaury almost collapsed when he met Roger Federer.


We are definitely very proud of these guys who represent us and have done an excellent job. For more information of Net Generation and the Aces Program, visit and follow #NetGeneration on social media.


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