Caribbean / U.S. Virgin Islands

Early Development Camp:

Working The Effort

July 1, 2019

On June 29, a group of local tennis coaches was part of the “Net Generation Early Development Camp", specific training for boys and girls of the 10 and under program celebrated on the courts of the Crissy González Park in Guaynabo.


Daniel Caballero was the head coach in charge of the 16 young players in the training camp with the collaboration of Lewis Bachetti, Fernando Negrón, Gustavo Carrasquillo and Miguel Cancel.


The main theme on the training was "Taking control of the Point" and the value worked was the "Effort".


The 2019 EDC selected players are:




Miguel Quiñonez

Gustavo Rivera

Dylan Rosado

Joseph Pennock

Marco Rodríguez

Marco Pérez 

Mario Miranda

Lorenzo Lucena




Amanda Díaz

Ana Robles

Mikeyla Cintrón

Ana Fuste

Paola Márquez

Kamila Herrera

Lucía Feliciano


Early Development Camps (EDC) are the next step to recruit and retain our most promising young athletes, ages 7 to 10. ADVERTISEMENT Successful EDCs located throughout the country will help grow the talent pool of junior players and create a new wave of world-class tennis professionals in the years to come. EDCs have a limited number of participants and are invitation-only, similar to Team USA Sectional Training Camps.


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