Caribbean / U.S. Virgin Islands

Junior Development

at USTA Caribbean

March 11, 2019

On the weekend of March 8-10, 2019 two junior training sessions were held by the USTA at the Honda Tennis Center of Bayamón, Puerto Rico: the Early Development Camp and the Team USA Sectional Camp



24 children, group by age (11 & under and 13 & under, respectively) were invited to participate in these camps according to their age, ranking, tournament results and UTR. They aim to provide more training opportunities for the next generation of youth players in the Caribbean.


The Early Development Camp was led by the local coach, Daniel Caballero, while Team USA Camp was presented by the USTA coaches, José Caballero and Kurt Clemmons.


Among the topics covered in the traning sessions were:


• Mental abilities: "Play like a Champion"

• Technical development: continental grip skills, efficient movement patterns and movements within the parameters

• Tactical skills: ball recognition, proactive planning, transition and problem solving

• Athletic development: agility, balance, coordination, speed, strength and mobility.



The participants were evaluated according to their performance, to identify in which aspects they can progress in terms of tactics and biomechanics.


Early Development Camp (EDC)


Sebastian Morales           Andrea Maldonado

Josean Ramos                   Sofía Gómez

Fabian Caraballo              Victoria Cajigas

Ethan Quintana                Victoria Sauri

Yimael Flores                    Adriana Figueroa

Ebrian Ayala                      Aurora Lugo

Gustavo Meléndez           Amanda Díaz

Miguel Quiñonez              Ana Robles

Gustavo Rivera                 Mikeyla Cintrón

Marco Rodríguez              Ana Fuste

Amaury Blondet               Paola Márquez

Marco Pérez                     Kamila Herrera


Team USA Sectional Taining Camp


Marcos Vázquez                Claudia Pérez

Ricardo López                   Andrea Pérez

Diego Woollis                    Ana López

Lester Marín                      Mila Martínez

Rafael Muñoz                     Bella Martínez

José Cosculluela                Leiah Arroyo

Adrian Juan                       Valeria Almeda

Alejandro Rodríguez         Mardi Roques

Ian Arenas                         Nadja Noriega

Guillermo Méndez            Cristina Rivera

Fabián Lugo                      Ana Cestero

Brian Quiñones                 Siena Scintler



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