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October 28, 2019

Junior Open #4

Palmas del Mar in Humacao and the Centro de Tenis Honda in Bayamón celebrated the fourth and final Junior Open of the year during two weekends of October, with the participation of almost 200 players from the categories of 12, 14, 16 & 18 and under. 


In the 12 and under category, Siena Schintler with no rush defeated Lauren Ariza 6-0, 6-1 in the final match. Alejandro Americo Rodríguez, meanwhile, did the same to beat José Cosculluela 6-2, 6-1.


In the Girls 14 and under category, Ana López found the way to beat Andrea Pérez's solid game and takes the victory by 6-2; 6-4,  while in the boy's category we had a very close game against Antonio del Toro and Marcos Vázquez, being Vázquez the winner of the match by 4-6; 6-3; 1-0 (9).


Daniella O'Neill was crowned as the 16 and under champion after defeating Patricia Vila 6-4, 6-2. ADVERTISEMENT Sergio Dilan continued her dominance in the 16U category by beating Jorge Quintana 6-4, 7-5 in the boy's final.


Patricia Vila, the 16U runner-up, could make the necessary adjustments to reverse the result and defeat this time Daniela O'Neill 7-5, 6-2 in the 18 and under final.  Along with her was the young Nicolás Alvarez, who managed to conquer the 18 and under title, defeating Alex Aguiar 6-2, 6-2.


Here are the doubles finals results:


Boys' 12 

(1) Brian M Quinones Arroyo/ Alejandro A Rodríguez d. Carlos Pantoja Sanchez/ Manuel Pantoja Sanchez    8-0


Girls' 12 

(1) Mardi Roques/ Siena Schintler d. (2) Lauren Ariza/ Mariana Pamias Méndez    8-3


Boys' 14

(1) Ricardo López/ Marcos Vázquez d. Lester Marin Lianza/ Diego Woollis    8-2


Girls' 14

(1) Andrea Pérez Díaz/ Claudia Pérez-García d. Kamila Correa/ María Castro    8-0


Boys' 16 

(1) Nicolás Alvarez/ Jorge Quintana d. Antonio Del Toro Jr/ Marcos Vazquez    8-3


Girls' 16 

(1) Adriana Hiraldo-Ortiz/ Daniella O'Neill d. (2) Amanda Diaz/ Patricia Vila    8-6


Boys' 18 Doubles

(2) Alex Aguiar/ Nicolás Alvarez d. (1) George Bader/ Iván Vazquez    8-5


Girls' 18 Doubles

(1) Adriana Barney Castro/ Daniella O'Neill d. Amanda Díaz/ Patricia Vila    8-5


Youth Development Tournament V


The 5th Development Tournament of the year was held at the Centro de Tenis Honda in Bayamón from October 11-13, under the direction of the Pro Jorge Orro. About 160 boys and girls from the 10, 12, 14 and 18 and under categories, beginner and intermediate level, participated in this event. We want to congratulate all the participants and winners of this tournament.


The Champions and Finalists of this edition are:


Girls' 10

Paola Muñiz d. Fabiana Morales    4-3; 4-3


Boys' 10

Dylan E. Rosado d. Mario Miranda    4-3; 4-0


Girls' 12

Adriana Figueroa Pérez d. Ana Robles    2-4; 4-0; 7-4


Boys' 12

Joaquín José Torres d. Marco Pérez Pérez    4-1; 4-2


Girls' 14

Angelybeth Rivera Vázquez d. Anabella Del Valle     4-1; 4-0


Boys' 14

Janny Luna d. Fabián Colón    4-0; 4-1


Girls' 18

Allia Cristal Toledo d. Joan Badillo    4-2; 1-4; 8-6


Boys' 18

Yarell Marrero d. Juan Andrés Sánchez  4-2; 4-2


The next and last Youth Development Tournament will be from December 13 to 15 at the Rio Piedras Tennis Club (BALDRICH) in San Juan, P.R.  with Oderaiza Soto as the director. For more information, please contact 787-598-9769.



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