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Sectional Champions

Tatiana Rivera  |  August 12, 2019

On August 11, the USTA Caribbean held the Sectional Championships of the Adult League 18 and 55 & over. The tournament, which featured more than 700 athletes and hundreds of spectators, was held at the Centro de Tenis Honda in Bayamón, which brought together the best adult athletes in the recreational leagues.


18 &Over


In the most competitive category of the tournament, the girls of El Paraíso, led by Sascha Verret, managed in 5.0, defeating Daniela Leal team - Riviera Tennis Center – 2 games to 1. In the men's branch, category 5.0, the Encantada team, by Alexis Lebrón, was crowned champions after winning the final 2-1, against the Dorado team, by José Requena.


The Centro de Tenis Honda Women’s Team, led by Giovanni Ortiz, was crowned champions in the category 4.5, defeating the Riviera Tennis Center team of Ivelisse Rivera 4-1. ADVERTISEMENT In the men's branch, the Cabo Rojo team led by Luis Sánchez won the championship after beating the Caguas team of Erick Ujaque 4-1.


Juan Rivera’s team, El Paraíso, got up with the championship by beating the Bayamón Centro de Tenis Honda team of Germán Acevedo 3-2 in the 4.0 category. In the women's branch, the Caguas Team, led by Nidya Ayala, achieved the championship beating the Centro de Tenis Honda team of Giovanni Ortiz 3-2.


In the Men’s 3.5 final, the team of Esteban Gamboa, surprised, beating the Titanes team by Alberto Vidal 3-2. The 3.5 Baldrich Women’s Team and his Captain Héctor Báez won the championship beating the Caguas team of Annette Torres 4-1.


The Ponce girls, led by Ileana Nigaglioni, dominated 4-1, the Centro de Tenis Honda team of Kike Arias. In the men's branch, the Titanes, by Luis Sánchez, were crowned champions by defeating Rafael Luna's Caguas team 3-2.


The beginner’s captain, Yameilis Ortiz, dominated the 2.5 category by defeating the Mariemma Sanchez team from Baldrich 2-1. Javier Lugo and his team from Colina Metropolitana did the same winning the 2.5 league over Héctor Báez's Baldrich team.


55 & Over                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

In the 55 & over category, the team of Roberto Ramos won the championship in the men's 7.0 dominating the three games against Riviera Tennis Center of Manuel Díaz. Meanwhile, in the category of 8.0 the team of Torrimar led by Juan Guilbe achieved the first place in the competition, defeating the team of Riviera Tennis Center of Moisés Viera 3-0. In the Women’s branch, the girls of Ocean Park; Aida Baerga fell 1-2 to Montehiedra of Ivy Díaz, who won the championship. In category 7.0, the girls of Centro de Tenis Honda, by Rita García, won the championship against the team of Arraq, Amarilis Lebrón, 2-1. Finally, the Baldrich players, by Rebeca Carrión, were crowned champions by dominating the ARRAQ team of Rosario Pérez 3-0, in the final of the category 8.0.


Upcoming Leagues and Events for Adults


In October, the 40 + Mixed League will have its sectional event, while in December there will be an avalanche of events: La Ñapa 18 - 39, the Regular League of 65 & over, the 55+ mixed league and the Tri-Level event - 18 and 40 & over. For more information visit this link or call 787-726-8782, ext. 225.






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