USTA Eastern's

League Captains of the Year 

January 24, 2019

USTA Eastern would like to announce the 2018 League Regional Captains of the Year. The recipients of this award are nominated by the players in each region. “Captaining a league team takes dedication,” said Leagues Senior Manager Lauren Bull. “Captains spend a lot of their own time ironing out logistics so that all players can have a great experience. They have to be incredibly organized, flexible and motivational. We are happy to formally recognize some of the best our section has to offer.”


Long Island Captain of the Year: Blasia Baum


Of Baum, one player reports: “No captain has dedicated more time and energy to making every team member feel welcome and integral. She is unfailingly kind and encouraging.”


Metro Captain of the Year: Jeremy Mindich


Of Mindich, one player reports: “He is one of the few individuals I know to be genuine and honest. ADVERTISEMENT He ensures both teams play fair but also makes sure our team is having fun and enjoying ourselves. I wouldn’t play for any other captain!”


New Jersey Captain of the Year: Joan Bakst


Of Bakst, one player reports: “She never complains about last-minute roster changes when someone gets injured, or someone’s child gets sick. Most importantly, she makes everyone on her team feel important.”


Northern Captain of the Year: Theresa Cary


Of Cary, one player reports: “She instills a wonderful spirit on all—on her team and the opposing team. She promotes an environment of fairness and good sportsmanship.”


Southern Captain of the Year: Shari Matusow


Of Matusow, one player reports: “She dedicates so much of her time to tennis, to her own teams, and to supporting other fellow captains. She’s a superstar!”


Western Captain of the Year: Nancy Radoff


Of Radoff, one player reports: “She has done a tremendous amount of work in our area to promote tennis. Not only has she run several concurrent USTA teams for over ten years with panache, she is really just a genuine and lovely person.”


Congratulations to all the winners!


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