Get to Know A League Captain

Meredith Steigman

August 14, 2019

League Captains are the largest group of volunteers in the USTA. Among the countless other responsibilities in their regular lives, these dedicated individuals clock long hours handling the logistics: Recruiting players, distributing materials, relaying rules for matches and recording results. Their commitment and leadership ensures that USTA Leagues will continue to grow and to flourish in the Eastern Section. Learn more about these tireless tennis advocates with “Get to Know a League Captain”.


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MEREDITH STEIGMAN, Port Washington, N.Y. (Co-Captain, Long Island 18+ 5.0+ Women)


What non-tennis items do you keep in your tennis bag? Obviously my suntan lotion. ADVERTISEMENT A couple bracelets. A ton of coins and singles. And a lot of dirty clothes! [Laughs].


Do you have any superstitions when you’re on the court? I have many. I have to bounce the ball a certain amount of times when I’m serving. A lot of times I won’t step on a line, kinda like Nadal. I cannot be the first person who serves if I’m playing doubles. And I have to fix the vibration dampener on my racquet…it can’t be down, it has to be all the way up.


What is your earliest tennis memory? My earliest memory is playing…and getting hurt. I was ten years old, standing behind someone who was serving in a drill, and they were taking their racquet back and they just whammed me. I had to get ten stitches across my eye.


Wow, and you stuck with it. And I stuck with it. [Laughs].


What’s your favorite tennis shot? Anything with my backhand. My cross-court backhand.


How would you describe your playing style? I was a singles player growing up, so my strength is on the baseline. I’ve gotten better at doubles, so I do like the net now. But I’m a baseliner.


What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen on a tennis court? Hmm…I can’t think of anything. I wish I could…well, playing with my husband is crazy. He’s my doubles partner sometimes, that’s pretty crazy. [Laughs].


How do you motivate your team in tough moments? Just cheer them on, honestly. And make them laugh, make them relax. Try to keep it light. It’s just tennis.


Fill in the blank: The reason I love captaining teams is… I like getting to know people, because I’ll recruit someone to join the team, and then she’ll bring someone else. I’ve really gotten to know so many people by captaining.

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