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Return to Play Frequently Asked Questions

September 21, 2020

Below are some answers to questions you might have regarding the resumption of competitive play in the USTA Eastern section. Visit our Return to Play hub for more specific information on restart dates, tournament formats and more.


Will year-end NTRP ratings be published?

  • As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, all USTA programming was suspended for a significant part of the year and play has resumed only sporadically, and not in all Sections and Districts.  In 2020, 80% of all USTA League Championships (including 100% of USTA League National Championships) have been canceled. These cancellations and other Covid-related prohibitions have resulted in 62% fewer USTA League matches played through August 3, 2020 as compared with August 3, 2019, and have had additional impacts on access to tennis and participation in other USTA programs, including NTRP Tournaments.  While the NTRP system remains sound, these facts coupled with thorough deliberation have led the USTA to make the difficult decision not to run or publish year-end NTRP ratings for 2020.  However, matches played will continue to calculate toward a player’s rating and will be used in the 2021 year-end rating calculation and publication. Click here for more information regarding the cancellation of NTRP ratings.


When will Eastern start running new standings lists?  

  • On August 10, USTA Eastern unfroze the standings list for juniors.   


How will the standings lists be calculated? 

  • USTA Eastern will follow the national standings model. The section will publish standings lists weekly beginning August 10. The new standings lists will include data from mid-March of 2019 to August 10, 2020 to compensate for the lack of tournament play during the COVID-19 suspension period. We want to ensure that players have 12 months of data in each published ranking list. The first list on August 10 will include results from mid-March of 2019; each subsequent list will then drop two weeks of data. For example: August 17 standings will include results as far back as late-March of 2019, August 24 standings will include results as far back as mid-April 2019 and so forth, until standings are as close as possible to a 52-week results time frame by the end of December. Please keep it mind this is all subject to change if play is postponed again.


What is the Match Tennis app and how does it work?


Why do I have to use the Match Tennis app?

  • Match Tennis app will help us prioritize safety at tournaments in response to COVID-19. The app:
    • Allows you to complete the waiver and player pledge online and prior to the start of the tournament, so you can avoid sharing pens and having to hand in your waiver to a person.
    • Allows you to text the tournament director from your car when you arrive for your match so that you don’t have to wait in a waiting room.
    • Allows you to send the tournament director scores after the match without having to wait in the club to report them.


Do I have to sign in once to the Match Tennis app or for every tournament? 

  • Players are required to sign in for every tournament they are selected into. Once a player is selected into a tournament, he or she will need to click on the link provided on that tournament homepage under the "Virtual Tournament Check-In" header in the "Important Info" tab and provide the requested information. (See screenshot below.) For the safety of all involved, every player must do this. 

What should I do if I'm experiencing technical difficulties with the Match Tennis app?

  • If you are experiencing technical difficulties, you can chat directly with a customer service representative within the app to resolve the issue. You can also email support at or chat directly with a representative on at this link.


Is the Match Tennis app required at adult tournaments?

  • At this time, the Match Tennis app is not in use for adult tournaments and is only required for junior tournaments and 10 and Under tournaments.


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