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Tennis Serving Vets

August 1, 2018

USTA Eastern is so proud of our own, Ali Goldman, who is the Director and Founder of Tennis Serving Vets, as well as the Adult League Specialist at USTA Eastern. She has partnered with Yonkers Tennis Owner, Joe Curto, Yonkers staff professional, Luis Chrinos and two veterans: Isaac Cortes and Michael Baligrocki. Ali held a kick-off event at Yonkers Tennis Center on March 23 which was incredibly successful! The second event was held at Anthony F. Veteran Park in Ardsley, NY., on August 1. Janet Lefkowitz of Greenburgh Parks and Recreation partnered with USTA Eastern to host the August event. The program hopes to build a life-long wellness and fitness program for veterans, using tennis as a vehicle for recovery from physical and emotional issues, including PTSD. The program is free of charge to all U.S. ADVERTISEMENT veterans and will continue into the fall and winter at Yonkers Tennis Center on a more regular basis. Congratulations to Ali on an amazing program!


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