USTA Mid-Atlantic  |  May 18, 2018

As schools are quickly heading toward their final day of classes and the start of summer, junior tennis players know that means one thing – more time for tennis! Between summer camps, more tournaments and time to hit with friends, summer is hands-down one of the best times of year to be active in youth tennis. For some parents, though, the prospect of more tennis can come with the burden of stretching the family’s budget to pay for additional costs. To help offset these costs for families in need and make tennis more accessible than ever, USTA Mid-Atlantic - a 501(c)3 nonprofit - has a scholarship program that supports junior players in need on their path to excellence. These scholarships ensure players gain the experience they need on the court but also experiences that help shape their lives - from lessons in sportsmanship and resiliency to volunteerism and mentorship. ADVERTISEMENT


Recently two scholarship and grant opportunities opened for junior players.


The first grant is the Mid-Atlantic junior tournament player scholarship, which offers reimbursement to families and helps pay for costs associated with tournaments and high-performance competition. These scholarships can allow for Mid-Atlantic players to enter additional tournaments or travel a bit further than they would otherwise be able to, helping develop their overall game and give them experiences that help them build character and learn valuable life-lessons. Junior tournament player scholarships are also broken into two categories: Diversity & Inclusion and High-performance, supporting USTA Mid-Atlantic’s mission to promote and develop the sport across players of all backgrounds and abilities.


Another unique opportunity open to junior USTA members in the Mid-Atlantic Section are summer camp scholarships. For decades, spending hours under the summer sun at tennis camp has been a rite of passage for kids who love the sport. Beyond improving their game, tennis camp gives kids the chance to make new friends and sometimes even spend a week away from their parents. This year, USTA Mid-Atlantic is offering fully-paid, need-based scholarships for junior players to attend Nike and Adidas tennis camps throughout the Section and learn from top-tier coaches. These scholarships will help ensure that players are given the opportunity to pursue their tennis dreams, no matter their family’s background.


Applications for summer camp scholarships are open to players ages 13 and under, and the deadline to apply is May 25. The first cycle of the junior player tournament scholarship is accepting applications until May 21. Families from all areas of the Mid-Atlantic Section are encouraged to apply and can contact Helen Li with any questions.


In the last five years, USTA Mid-Atlantic has awarded more than $25,000 in scholarships that have helped so many pursue their tennis dreams. If you are interested in helping to support the scholarship program and contribute to the success of a junior player in need, give to USTA Mid-Atlantic. Make a Donation today.  



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