Launching Into the New Era with the High School Ambassadors

August 02, 2023

Sweet summertime. A time to enjoy slowing down, warm sun, and longer days. Vacations, pool time, hanging out with friends and family, and outdoor activities and events are usually on the docket during the summer. But for one special group of high school age tennis players, their summer has included a special role: USTA Mid-Atlantic Foundation High School Ambassador. 

USTA Mid-Atlantic selects a group of dedicated high school students who are passionate about tennis, eager to help USTA Mid-Atlantic with the mission to grow tennis, and have the vision for tennis in EVERY community. The ambassadors actively promote the numerous physical, social, and emotional advantages of tennis and inspire others to join in the fun of the sport by sharing their own tennis journey and achievements. 


From late June to early August, ambassadors utilize social media platforms to actively promote tennis and engage with their peers, highlighting the sport’s community, character-building, and overall well-being benefits. Furthermore, ambassadors conduct a community service project aimed at raising awareness about tennis in their own local neighborhoods and communities where they live and play tennis. High School Ambassadors showcase the various tennis outreach and philanthropic programs USTA Mid-Atlantic Foundation provides, and use their resources and networks to generate interest and participation.


USTA Mid-Atlantic initiated the High School Ambassador program nearly three years ago and the program has seen growth, with applications increasing each year.

So, who are these outstanding High School Ambassadors for 2023? Let us introduce you:    


Freshmen: Rita Taylor, Rome Eggleston 


Sophomores: Ivy Li, Lindsey Winston, Mihir Batavia


Juniors: Sonali Sachdeva, Derin Kirtman, Jane Fox, Kent Shang


Seniors: Dawson Moody, Jeremy Chung, Sophie Sands, Gabby Mendelsohn, Bryan Jordan


Our 14 ambassadors represent various ages, communities in the Mid-Atlantic region, backgrounds, and stories. This exceptional group of high school students consists of one returning ambassador as well as several enthusiastic new ambassadors. Each ambassador is highly involved in the tennis community by playing for and representing their high school team or by competing in tournaments throughout the Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, and West Virginia region. 


Check out what the High School Ambassadors are up to by following them on social media: 


Instagram: @dmoody5, @sonalisachdeva.tennis, @riri_tennislover, @jeremy.chung_, @dhflirt, @janefox.tennis23, @lindseyw_tennis2026, @ssophiesands, @Romece17, @kent0zhang, @1vyli 


Twitter: @jordanb154


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This year USTA Mid-Atlantic Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is celebrating 100 years of promoting tennis and its physical, social, and emotional health benefits. Get involved and show your support for the next 100 years of tennis. Learn about our impact in the region and how USTA Mid-Atlantic creates community, character, and well-being.

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