Middle States

2023 League Sportsmanship Awards

Throughout the 2023 USTA Middle States League Section Championship season, Middle States recognized outstanding sportsmanship. This led to more than 150 nominations (some people were even nominated twice!). Our word cloud above represents direct quotes from the opponents of nominated players. The bigger the word, the more frequently it was shared with us. Good sportsmanship is something we're proud of! (And yes, believe it or not, "great line calls" takes first prize!) 


Congratulations to all who were nominated (see them listed below). 

Aaron Palmer

Abby Aukamp

Alex Parrish

Amy Ponpipom

Amy Morrissey

Andreas Scherffel

Angela Kozak

Arla Baker

Bill Duffy

Bill Piko

Bob Bush

Bobby Choe

Bonnie Westheaffer

Bradley Moore

Bridget Tomasicchio

Camilla Hill

Candia Barry

Carla Baxter

Carlos Huaman

Carol Leslie

Catherine Taaffe

Chad Stover

Charlene Salus

Chelli McGlaughlin

Chris Downs

Clayton Bubeck

Courtney Darling

Courtney Ancker

Cynthia Crowley

Dan Hewitt

Dan Higgins

Daron Boyd

Dawn Mullen

Debbie Pickens

Deborah Waltimyer

Dee Milburn

Devany Penne

Don Houpt

Don Pranitis

Ed Conway

Eddy Geadah

Elaine Fox

Elise Gerdes

Elysse Teichman

Eric Glatsky

Evelyn DeLash

Faith Cowell

Francesca Corrias

Frank Haley

Ginny Barnicoat

Grant Conway

Greg Dona

Gregg Garrison

Gregg Lemos-Stein

Hal Perlman

Harry Weerakkody

Helen Milner

Jameson Tweedie

Janice Pigga

Janine Phillips

Jason Sperry

Jennifer Kelleher

Jessica Fischer

Jill O'Neill

Jody Frey

Joe Mullen

Jon Santos

Jon Yu

JT Thomas

Julia Libke

Karen Unglaub

Katherine Thomas

Kathryn Ringso

Kathy Granbois

Kelley Hershey

Kim Dyer

Kirsten Furry

Krik Thoman

Kristen Campbell

Kristin Schlageter

Kristine Criswell

Lance Heil

Laura Corcoran

Lauren Olsen

Lesley Ceasar

Lisa Lamarche

Lisa Huff

Lisa Maddox

Lisa Tan

Lois Bartolomei

Lois Kester

Lori Geist

Madhavi Reddy

Madonna Hufnagel

Maggie O’Leary

Margaret Erskine


Maria Davidson

Maria Henderson

Marion Hanuschek

Marla Triano

Marti Turocy

Mary Britt

Mary Beth Karras

Meaghan Haynes

Melia Kaneta

Mike Macedonia

Mike Hill

Mohamed Hammam

Monica Rakoczy

Nancy Hanula

Nancy Denig

Nhat Dang

Nick Downey

Pat Eaton

Peter Christis

Peter Valentin

Phu Ngo

Pia Inguito

Pikai Oh

Regina Carolan

Rita Potter

Robert Johnston

Roberta Brummel

Sandy Damico

Shelley Berger

Sheryl Young

Stephanie Van Zanten

Steve Smith

Sue Clark

Suzanne Tamassia

Suzy Dowell

Tara Marshall

Tia Tedder

Tina Fellenbaum

Tom Brink

Tong Zhang

Umakanth Sadasivam

Wanda Pamphile

Will Hugosson

Yuan Li

Zia Ahmed

Zulma Brignoni


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