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The Value of Tennis in Schools

The Value of Tennis in Schools


The Value of Tennis in Schools

Why bring tennis in schools?


Just ask Robyn Adams, who has taught physical education for eight years in Central Pennsylvania’s West Shore School District.


Adams recently took advantage of the perks offered through the USTA’s Net Generation youth tennis brand, meaning her school received racquets, balls and other tennis equipment — free of charge — along with the tennis curriculum.


This past summer, Adams worked with the USTA to host a Net Generation Red Ball Challenge.


“Tennis is great for kids,” Adams said. “The tracking of the ball with your eyes, the coordination and the fitness are all important for development.”


Adams’ school has nearly 500 students between kindergarten to fifth grade. She sees all of them.


“The equipment was a big selling point for us in bringing tennis into the class,” Adams said. ADVERTISEMENT “Because of the equipment, I’m able to expose every kid to the sport, and they are having success, even from the start. The red balls bounce a little easier and the kids have the equipment that is sized right for them. By the end of the first class, kids were showing improvement and having a great time.”


Adams said she has received mostly all positive feedback from her students, with the third, fourth and fifth grade students enjoying it the most.


“Working with a teammate,” she said. “Tennis is a team sport, with you and your doubles partner working together.”


Learn more about bringing tennis to your school by visiting our USTA Middle States schools information page


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