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Tim Fitzgerald

A Role Model in Delaware


A Role Model in Delaware

Director of Tennis. Coach. Mentor. Volunteer.


Yes, Tim Fitzgerald wears a lot of hats.


Fitzgerald, who manages tennis play and coaches at DuPont Country Club in Delaware, has made himself one of the most active and impactful tennis professionals in Middle States.


Involved with everything from community tennis to high-performance play, he’s spent the last year-plus serving on the USTA Middle States Delaware District Council. There, alongside a group of volunteers from around the industry, he helps carry out the USTA’s mission (to promote and develop the growth of tennis) in his local market.


Among those efforts?


Fitzgerald was a driving force behind Delaware’s recent High School Coaches Workshop, which brought together dozens of coaches from around the state for a day of training, collaboration and networking. ADVERTISEMENT A major proponent of high school and team play, he also helped build the Free Tennis Pro Shop at the event, which gathered charitable donations for schools that needed racquets, shoes and bags, among other items.


“All the coaches are so thankful. It makes it worth it to see them walk away with a bag of equipment for their kids,” Fitzgerald said. “The response we’ve had is overwhelming. We’ve had so many donations and I think it will only grow and get better in the coming years.”


Fitzgerald said he hopes to see his work impact the game of tennis as a whole, but especially loves seeing the high school game grow.


“For me, high school was the first time I really felt like I was part of a team,” he said. “I had a coach who cared about me, who I still keep in touch with today. High school play — team play in general — creates a bond. It gives a sense of teamwork and leadership that you can’t get in many other places.”


These days, working with the USTA in a volunteer role, Fitzgerald is part of an even bigger team. Fellow volunteers and co-workers of Fitzgerald call him a natural leader and a hard worker. They mention his ability to connect with his students and see the big picture of an athlete’s development.


“I’ve been lucky to be surrounded by good people and have some really great opportunities,” he said.


The USTA Middle States (USTA MS) Nominating Committee and the six District Nominating Committees are now accepting applications for the 2021-22 Section Board of Directors and/or District Councils.


The link for the applications can be found by clicking here. The interview process will take place in late spring or early summer.


To help carry out Middle States’ mission to promote and develop the growth of tennis through local development, delivery and support of tennis programming, Middle States is divided into six defined geographic areas with Councils. Councils generally convene six to eight times, annually.


For questions about volunteering at the Section or District level, email volunteer@ms.usta.com.


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