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A Family of Athletes

December 14, 2020

Born into a family of star athletes, it was only natural that brothers Erik and Kase Schinnerer would become strong athletes as well. 


From Lewisburg, Pa., Erik (11) and Kase (14) are standouts in the USTA Junior Tournament scene, and show no signs of slowing down. 


Their mother, Lesia Schinnerer, was a star college athlete, playing Division I tennis at the University of Richmond. She went on to compete professionally on the pro tour. 


Their father, Dan Schinnerer, swam Division I at Yale University and is now the Head Coach of the men's and women's swimming teams at Bucknell University. 


Erik and Kase channel their competitive mindsets on the tennis court and practice together often. With their mother as their coach and by training at Hopewell Tennis and Swim Center with Marc Hill, their hard work seems to be paying off. 


Erik is a top-ranked player in the Boys’ 12s in Middle States and Kase is a top-ranked player in the Boys’ 14s in Middle States, and on the National level.  


Through all of their tournament play and success on the court, the brothers also enjoy moments off the court with their family and friends. 

Erik (left) & Kase (right)

“I love spending time with my family in the car when I travel to tournaments,” Erik said. “It’s also fun to see friends at the tournaments you don’t usually get to see.”


Kase echoed his brother’s comments.


“It’s great to spend time with my mom and dad when they drive me to tournaments,” he said. “I also love trying new foods when I travel to national tournaments.”


The Schinnerer brothers continue to work their way up in the tournament rankings. They both have future goals to play college tennis and eventually compete at the professional level. 


Learn a little more about Erik & Kase and their interests below: 



Favorite Tennis Player: “Roger Federer. I like the way he acts on the court and his whole game.” 

Favorite Shot/Best Shot: Backhand

Favorite Hobbies: Reading books, playing sports, and cooking 

Favorite Subject: History 

Favorite Tennis Memory: “Going to the US Open with my family. I love watching the pros play and just seeing how they approach the game.” 


Favorite Tennis Player: “Jimmy Connors. I love his passion for the game and how he never gives up. I wish I could be as entertaining as him sometimes.”

Favorite Shot/Best Shot: Forehand 

Favorite Hobbies: Cooking, playing sports, and watching movies with family 

Favorite Subject: “English. I like writing and breaking down literature.”

Favorite Tennis Memory: “When I got to play at the Easter Bowl at Indian Wells in 2019. Knowing that you’re playing on the same courts that the pros are playing on, going through the same hallways, warming up in the same spot that the pros warmed up on, I thought that was really cool and a great experience.” 


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