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Middle States

All About the Team

It's all about the team for Pablo Montana. Montana, the head tennis coach at the University of Delaware, is quick to give credit to others and seems to always put other people first.


Montana grew up in a tennis family in Miami, and after a highly successful playing career, he found his way into coaching.


"Without a doubt, I love the connections I get to make with my players," he said. "Watching them grow and develop as human beings is something very special for me. I am also very competitive by nature so I love competing with my teams at tournaments and dual matches, and sharing in the victories and losses with my teams is very rewarding for me."


He's been with Delaware for the last six seasons, getting the team and his players involved with many community organizations, like the Special Olympics.


Much of this community-first attitude comes down to Montana's roots. His parents are Colombian, and he's spent plenty of time traveling and connecting with his heritage. 


"I think for me Hispanic Heritage means embracing my culture and background," he said. "Both of my parents are Colombian, and I have traveled to Colombia and all over South and Central America. I think it is great that we can celebrate Hispanic Heritage month and appreciate all the different cultures and traditions each Spanish-speaking country has to offer. I love the food, music, dancing, and different accents every Spanish-speaking country has. I believe the Spanish language is the second most spoken language in the world and I believe in the United States that over 50 million people speak Spanish. I am proud of my roots."


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