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Born to Teach: Matt Farina

Spend just a few minutes with Delaware PE teacher Matt Farina, and something becomes clear.


Farina was born to teach.


With what appears to be a never-ending supply of energy, positivity and care for his students, Farina is making a difference in the education of kids at Delaware's Hanby Elementary School. 


Some of that even comes in the form of tennis.


Farina is one of the hundreds of physical education teachers utilizing the USTA’s Tennis in PE offerings — which include free equipment, free curriculum and free training on how to best teach tennis in PE. 


The free equipment includes a large roller bag, balls, racquets and tape, among other items. 


After spending the morning with Matt and watching him in action, we sat down with him to learn more about his background and his approach to teaching tennis.


Name: Matt Farina
Years Teaching: 17
Years Teaching Tennis: 11
What’s so important about teaching, and specifically teaching Physical Education (PE)?


“Teaching in general is about being a part of these kids’ lives. I take a lot of pride in being involved with their education, and I’m honored to do it. Having them come into my class, loving PE, and loving exercise and loving movement…that’s what it’s all about. When they come into my class they come with a smile, and it’s about a healthy lifestyle.”

How does tennis fit in for you and your students?


“PE uses the mind and the body. It’s physical and emotional. You’re putting all of that together in cooperative activities and different games. Tennis gives my students an opportunity to try something different. It’s the opportunity to try a new sport that promotes hard work, mental toughness, and physical movements that are good for them. And trying tennis, it’s a sport they fall in love with right away.”

Tennis in your PE Class


USTA Middle States can help you get tennis into your PE classes, at any grade level!


We offer FREE:

  • Teacher In-Service Trainings

  • Built Out Lesson Plans

  • Equipment Packages (valued at $1,000)

  • Connections with your Community

  • Additional Funding Opportunities


Tennis in PE curricula allows all students to experience success regardless of experience or ability through cooperative and play-based group activities. The foremost principle is the use of modified tennis equipment that makes the game fun, safe and engaging from the moment a child first picks up a racquet.



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