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Captain of the Month: Kathy Radick

USTA Middle States Captain of the Month - July 2020
Allegheny Mountain District


What makes a team go from good to great? In the case of a USTA League Tennis team in Pittsburgh, it comes down to one thing:




League captain Kathy Radick, who began organizing teams more than 10 years ago, has demonstrated exceptional leadership with the teams she captains. Because of her overall impact and the feedback of local players, opponents and coordinators, Radick was named the USTA Middle States Captain of the Month for July.


Radick captains up to five teams each season. With her dedication to the sport and her drive to win, she has frequently led teams to Middle States Section Championships and USTA League National Championships.


Kathy captains adult ladies and mixed doubles in the 18 and Over and 40 and Over categories, mostly at the 4.5 level. One of her biggest successes? According to teammates, it’s her ability to manage the difficult balance of playing to win, and playing simply to have a good time.


“I enjoy working with my players and being able to set a goal, and see it to the finish for every season,” she said. 

Radick said her teams have grown to become like a family to her and her inner drive to win has not gotten in the way of the strong lifelong friendships she has made along the way.


“Tennis is such a great sport that can be played and enjoyed by people of all ages,” she said. “It keeps us in great shape and it builds a bond that leads to unbelievable friendships for a lifetime.”


When Radick and her teams attend District, Section and National tournaments, she finds ways to build friendships with players from other teams. In many occasions, she keeps in touch with them for long after the event. 

Radick began playing tennis around 12 years old, but took a long break. It wasn’t until she was well-established in her adult life — about 13 years ago — when her son began playing.


Now, she can’t get enough tennis.


Not only is Radick captaining and playing on her USTA teams, she has developed a passion for teaching adult players as the Adult Coordinator at PA Tennis Academy High Performance Tennis Center, outside of Pittsburgh.


Radick added that she loves the challenge of coaching. She continues to find ways to refine her players’ strokes and teaches them more about the mental aspect of the game.


"I want to get people excited to play tennis," she said. "I want them to sign up for USTA League Tennis, get on the court and make new friends."


With Captain of the Month, USTA Middle States is recognizing the incredible captains who have served the USTA League Tennis program in Middle States. Captains are being selected monthly and rotating by district, based on coordinator and player feedback. Questions or ideas for how to make this better? Email communications@ms.usta.com.

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