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We're here to help you stay in the loop with USTA League news as changes happen throughout the Chicago area. Updates will be posted below as they become available. 


Please feel free to reach out to Nancy Manolis at nmanolis@chicagodistricttennis.com or Tyrin Wages at twages@chicagodistricttennis.com if you have any questions.


November 7, 2022


Winter applications are now open. Yearend ratings are scheduled to be published on 12/1. We are extending the application deadline to 12/2 at 5 pm to accommodate any application changes that might be necessary due to NTRP movement.


Quick Fun facts for Winter 2023:

  • Applications are open from 11/7-12/2 @ 5:00pm
  • Schedule will be published no later than 12/19/22
  • Registration for all players opens 12/23/22
  • Season play dates: 1/6/23-5/7/23


October 25, 2022


Applications for the Winter 2023 Season will be open soon:


PLEASE NOTE: Be sure you can roster a viable team before submitting an application.  When teams drop out after the schedule has been published, it has a negative effect on clubs and others participating in the flight. Captains that drop their team from a flight may not be allowed to captain in the following season. 


CLICK HERE for the application.


September 2, 2022

Registration is now open for the Fall (Combo) 2022 and ESL 2023 Seasons. Both Seasons will run from 9/9/22-12/18/22.


The minimum number (AT LEVEL) of registered players must be met by 9/9/22. If you do not meet the minimum requirements, your team may be removed from its flight. Please contact Nancy (nmanolis@chicagodistricttennis.com) or Tyrin (twages@chicagodistricttennis.com) if you are unsure of the requirement for your team.


Be on the lookout for an email with the updated USTA Chicago District - Rules and Procedures for the 2023 Championship year.



July 12, 2022

Fall (Combo) 2022 and ESL 2023 Team Applications will be accepted starting 7/18/22 through 8/1/22. Scroll down this page, just past Captains’ Resources and click on “TEAM APPLICATION.”



May 4, 2022

Summer Season registration is open!

Teams must have the minimum number of registered players, at level, by May 13, 2022.


Season Dates:

  • 18&O & 40&O: 5/13-7/31/2
  • 55&O, 65&O, Combo, Mixed and Tri-level: 5/13-8/28/22


February 15, 2022



USTA Midwest is sponsoring an Adult League Captain Incentive where captains can earn $100 if team participation increases in the following league/flights:


Tri-level - 3.5/4.0/4.5 (18&Over)

  • Men's or Women's teams
  • 3 courts of doubles matches
  • 1 doubles match at each level 
  • Players may play up one NTRP rated level (e.g. a 3.0 player could play on the 3.5 court) 
  • Advances to National Invitational


Mixed 55&Over - 6.0, 7.0, 8.0

  • Must be at least 55 or turn 55 in the calendar year of the league. 
  • Mixed teams
  • 3 courts of doubles matches
  • Doubles teams have the combined NTRP ratings of 6.0, 7.0 or 8.0
  • Difference between partners may not exceed 1.0
  • Advances to Sectional Championship


Combo Mixed 5.5, 6.5, 7.5, 8.5 (18&Over)

  • Mixed teams
  • 3 courts of doubles matches
  • Doubles teams have the combined NTRP ratings of 5.5, 6.5, 7.5 or 8.5
  • Any combination of NTRP is allowed as long as it does not exceed the level entered
  • Advances to Intersectionals 


A $100 incentive* will be awarded after the completion of the season if team participation in a given flight is greater than it was in the Summer of 2021. 


*The incentive will be paid by Midwest to participating team captains after the completion of the season. A majority of matches for a qualifying team/captain must be considered valid in order to receive the incentive.


If you are considering captaining for the first time, scroll down to Captains Resources for information about being a captain.  The Summer team application can also be found in that section.  Summer Applications will be accepted starting 3/21/22. Please contact us if you have questions or need any help at adultleague@chicagodistrict.com.



January 6, 2022


Currently, in the City of Chicago and Cook County, proof of vaccination is required to enter health clubs and gyms (including tennis facilities). ​Please defer to each facility for their system for following the government directives below.


Cook County Mandate

City of Chicago Mandate



December 31, 2021


Winter Season runs from 1/7/22-5/1/22. All winter matches must be played within the season dates.


Cook County has issued a proof of vaccination mandate for all recreational facilities. Please check with your host facility to be sure of the protocols in place. We expect all captains and players to abide by the individual Covid protocols of each host facility. You don't have to like or agree with a club's rules, but you do have to follow them if you want to participate in USTA CDTA Adult Leagues. We will be updating the Covid-19 Club Protocols under League Rules and Procedures as information is provided to us.

Player registration is open. Reminder: registration fees are non-refundable.


Each Winter Team must have the required number of players, at level, registered by 1/7/22. 


Please know your league rules. Scroll down the page to review our League Rules and Procedures.



November 22, 2021


The deadline for Winter Team applications has been extended until 12/3/21. Year-end ratings are scheduled to be published 12/1/21.


November 1, 2021


CDTA Rules have been updated for the 2022 Championship year. Please scroll down to League Rules and Procedures. All documents listed under this heading comprise the Chicago District Adult League rules. All players should be familiar with these rules.   


Further down on THIS PAGE you'll find Midwest and National Adult League information. Click the "Rules" box to find:

  • Friend at Court
  • USTA Regulations
  • Midwest Regulations


*Winter Team Applications open on 11/8/21. The deadline to submit is 12/3/21. 


*Winter Season Dates: 1/7/22 - 5/1/22


*Winter Registration opens on 12/27/21. Teams must have the minimum number of registered players, AT LEVEL, by 1/7/21.


*Reminder: Registration fees are non-refundable.


We want league play to be fun. Be kind always and flexible when you can. Since progression is a key component to league play, the CDTA strives to provide fair play opportunities and uphold the league rules consistently.




August 23, 2021

Fall 2021 and ESL 2022 match schedules have been posted.

*Season Play Dates: 9/10 - 12/19/21
All matches must be played and reported within the season dates. This includes any reschedules. Season dates will show on your team home page on TennisLink.


Reschedule rules can be found on CDTA Adult League Home page, under League Rules and Procedures: Captains' Information. Reschedules should be coordinated and reported according to CDTA rule.


*Player registration opens on 8/30/21


*Nonplaying captains must designate a registered player as a co-captain by 9/10/21


*The minimum number of registered players (AT LEVEL) must be met by 9/10/21.


*Covid Protocols

We will continue to update club Covid protocols on our website. However, the best way to get current protocols is through captain-to-captain communication just before a match. Players and captains participating in USTA/CDTA leagues are required to abide by the protocols of a given facility. Be kind to your fellow players and respectful of our clubs who are doing their best to keep players safe!




July 12, 2021

We are now accepting team applications for Fall 2021/ESL 2022. The deadline to apply is July 30th. Season dates: 9/10/21 - 12/19/21. Visit the Captain's Information page for a link to apply.



May 7, 2021

To help accommodate needed reschedules as a result of Winter and Summer overlapping (Oh, Covid....), the Summer Season for the following leagues will be extended to 8/22/21.  Player registration will be adjusted accordingly with a deadline of 8/8/21:

  • 55&O
  • 65&O 
  • Mixed 18&O
  • Mixed 40&O
  • Combo
  • Mixed Combo


April 20, 2021

Summer Season starts April 30, 2021. All teams must have the minimum number of required players registered by April 30 or the team will be removed from the flight. Need help finding players? Contact Nancy at nmanolis@chicagodistricttennis.com or Tyrin at twages@chicagodistricttennis.com.



April 10, 2021

The Summer Schedule has just posted!  Here are some important season details:

  • Summer Season runs from 4/30 - 8/1
  • Registration opens on 4/12; All teams must meet the minimum number of registered players (at level) by 4/30.  Teams that are not in compliance will be removed from their flight.  
  • We are offering a captain's registration discount again this season.  Please contact Nancy at nmanolis@chicagodistricttennis.com if you need the captain's code.
  • When reviewing the schedule - if you see an "R" in the space next to the match date, that means that we could not get the match scheduled at your regular home court time.  I used another available day/time that was provided by your club.  Feel free to reschedule if the day/time does not work for you.
  • Although things are improving, Covid is still a serious concern.  By submitting and signing a team application, captains (and their team members) agree to play by CDTA rules.  Current CDTA rules call for players to abide by each facility's Covid protocols.  All of our clubs are doing their best to follow the government mandates and keep their members and players safe.  Please continue to respect their house rules



March 10, 2021

  • Summer Season Adult League Applications are open; Deadline to apply for a team is 3/19/21.
  • Summer Season runs from 4/30/21 to 8/1/21; Because of the suspension in play for both ESL and Winter and the necessary scheduling adjustments, Winter and Summer seasons will overlap. We realize this is far from ideal and we don’t plan to ever have it happen again! However, we want to provide as many matches as possible. May is always a tough month between holidays and other commitments at clubs. We will do our best to schedule Summer matches around scheduled Winter matches and as always, we will consider club black-out dates.
  • REMINDER: ALL ESL MATCHES NEED TO BE PLAYED BY 3/31/21 AND SCORES ENTERED BY 4/2/21. Any unreported matches after 4/2 will be marked as a double default. We don’t have to tell you that ESL was a unique season! All ESL standings will be reviewed carefully after the close of the season to confirm flight winners.
  • ESL Sub-Flight playoffs and any potential Summer Sub-Flight playoffs will be incorporated into Districts, currently scheduled for 8/7/21.




  • Summer Team Applications - Open from 3/1 - 3/19/21
  • Summer League Play - Begins 4/30/21


January 25, 2021


CDTA Adult League play can resume immediately.  While not all regions in the Chicago District have moved to Tier 1, we received additional information from the government that confirmed the adult league format of play is allowed under the current mitigations.


*Scheduled Matches for 1/29-31 are officially on!  However, please show flexibility if a captain needs to reschedule. 


*Any un-played matches from Fall, ESL or Winter should be rescheduled between captains.  While we realize that rescheduling takes a lot of effort on our captain's parts,  coordinating between captains will allow you to reschedule whenever it is convenient for both teams which would include using weekdays and split match times.  


*To make rescheduling a bit easier, we have extended all seasons:

  • Fall/Combo 2020 - matches can be rescheduled through 2/15/21
  • ESL 2021 - Season has been extended and matches can be rescheduled through 3/31/21
  • Winter 2021 - Season has been extended and matches can be rescheduled through 5/31/21 


*Please review your schedules and note that some teams have dropped out of the Winter Season.  We are in the process of reviewing affected schedules to see if any additional changes may be required. 




January 20, 2021 


We are thrilled that things have finally moved in the right direction and all regions in the Chicago District are in Tier 2. We were planning for a return to League play in Tier 2 but mitigations were updated on January 15 which complicated those plans. Here is where we stand now:    


  • CDTA Adult League play will begin when all regions reach Tier 1. This could happen very soon, so we are hoping to restart play and resume the Winter Schedule by 1/29/21. Since last week, we have been coordinating with League host facilities to understand their timeline for restarting the Winter Season according to the published schedule. Some clubs are ready to go immediately. Others may need more time. Be sure to check in with your home club to confirm court times.
  • Masks are currently required during play at some clubs and that requirement may continue into Tier 1. (We are asking clubs to provide us with their most up to date Covid protocols so that we can update that info on our website.) We understand the mask requirement as well as the current Covid environment may be uncomfortable for some. Captains, If you can no longer field a Winter League team because of this, please let us know by Friday 1/22 at 5:00 p.m. We'd like the opportunity to update the Winter Schedule, if necessary, before play begins on 1/29/21. There will be no questions asked and no penalties for dropping out of a flight. 
  • Winter registration will open immediately. Please note, however, that we will NOT be able to refund any registration fees. If players have concerns about wearing a mask or the number of matches that will make up the season, please make sure they are aware of our no-refund policy prior to registering.
  • The minimum number of required, at-level players will need to be registered by 2/12/21 (assuming a 1/29/21 league start date.)
  • Rescheduling of un-played matches will be done between captains for ESL/Fall and Winter. We ask that captains continue to show the patience and flexibility you have already exhibited during these uncertain times. Please remember that rescheduled matches can take place on any day or any time that is agreed upon by both captains/teams. You do not have to abide by the Weekend League day/time rules when rescheduling. 
  • Fall 2020 Combo league season has been extended to 2/15/21 to accommodate un-played matches. State Combo Championships are currently scheduled for 2/27 & 2/28. Registration for new players to these teams will remain closed. 
  • ESL 2021 leagues season will be extended to 3/31/21 to accommodate un-played matches. Registration for new players to these teams will remain closed.


January 15, 2021


Unfortunately, no Chicago District Region has met the metrics to move out of Tier 3 as of today.  As such, USTA League play remains suspended and it is still unclear when it can resume -- We need all regions within the Chicago District to be out of Tier 3 to restart Adult League play.  


We are currently reconnecting with clubs on a proposed timeline for the resumption of ESL/Fall and the start of the Winter Season. We know you need time to register your players for Winter. We are very sensitive to that fact and will continue to share information with you as soon as we have it.  REGISTRATION FOR WINTER WILL REMAIN CLOSED WHILE LEAGUE PLAY IS SUSPENDED. 


When League play does resume, the CDTA will defer, as in the past, to each individual facility's Covid protocols.  Some facilities' protocols may go beyond Government mandates (for example, requiring face masks during play).  We are working with each host site to get their updated Covid safety guidelines so that we can add them to our website.  All USTA players will be expected to respect and follow the protocols as specified and enforced by each club.   



January 11, 2021

Happy New Year!

We hope you are well and share in our optimism for a better year. As you are probably aware, in the Governor’s recent press conference, there was an indication that we may be able to move out of the current Tier 3 mitigations as soon as 1/15/21. If that happens, we believe Adult League play could resume effective the same day.


Please note that all regions within the Chicago District would need to reach the necessary metrics in order for league play to begin again. Assuming the metrics are met and play can start as soon as 1/15/21, we have developed the following plan:


Fall 2020/ESL 2021:

  • 80% of matches were complete before the suspension of play. We know most players want to finish these seasons so that flight winners can be determined. As a result, we will extend these seasons to allow captains to reschedule any of their un-played matches.
  • Fall 2020 Combo leagues will be extended to 2/15/21. State Combo Championships are currently scheduled for 2/27 & 2/28 and will be hosted by Mid-South Illinois. Fingers crossed that the championships will be allowed!
  • NOTE: Rescheduled matches can take place on any day or any time that is agreed upon by both captains/teams. You do not have to abide by the Weekend League day/time rules when rescheduling. We encourage as much flexibility as possible including split match times.ESL 2021 leagues will be extended to 3/31/21.
  • NOTE: Rescheduled matches can take place on any day or any time that is agreed upon by both captains/teams. You do not have to abide by the Weekend League day/time rules when rescheduling. We encourage as much flexibility as possible including split match times.


Winter 2021:

  • The current published schedule will remain as is. Captains can find their Winter team # and schedule by logging in to TennisLink, clicking on the “My Teams” tab and then choosing the “Team Management” option.
  • Matches scheduled for the past weekend, 1/8-1/10, will need to be rescheduled between captains.
  • Matches scheduled for the weekends of 1/15-17 and 1/21-24 can be played, as scheduled if both captains/teams are able to roster a team. However, if either captain wants to reschedule, the match must be rescheduled – no questions asked. Captains can begin communicating now, if they like, to see if teams are willing to be ready and waiting for the possibility of a match.
  • REMINDER – Be sure to check in with your home club to confirm court times for all winter matches, especially those scheduled in January.
  • Matches scheduled 1/29/21 or after will be played on schedule or rescheduled according to league rules.
  • Registration will open as soon as the suspension of play is lifted, potentially 1/15/21. We realize this does not provide a lot of lead time between registration and the start of play. However, the complexity associated with potentially providing refunds when registration fees are split 3 ways (National, Midwest, District) is such that we want to minimize risk to everyone by not opening registration until we have more clarity on what the season looks like.
  • Because of the short registration time described above, we will extend the deadline for the minimum number of required players (at level) to 1/29/21.
  • It is unclear if masks will be required once mitigations are loosened. We will notify all captains when registration opens and will confirm the ruling on masks. If masks are required at all facilities and your team can/will not play with masks, please let us know as soon as possible and we will remove your team from the flight. Please also be sure that your players are aware of mask requirements. Again, we are not in a position to offer refunds for registration fees.
  • REMEMBER: TennisLink has added a feature where you can indicate if your team is looking for new players. Please reach out to Nancy Manolis if you’d like to update your team status or have questions on how this feature works.


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