Daniel Scrivano, para-standing tennis athlete, nominated to play at Arthur Ashe Stadium during US Open

Molly Doehrmann | August 21, 2023

One of Midwest's standout competitors, Daniel Scrivano, has been nominated to play tennis at the 2023 US Open tournament. The announcement was made on Scrivano's Facebook page.


Scrivano of Michigan is a para-standing tennis athlete who's used to playing at some of the world's greatest facilities; this is his third year showcasing para-standing tennis at the Western & Southern Open in Mason, Ohio and in May 2023 he won the singles championship at an Italian para-standing tennis tournament in Turin.

May 2023: Scrivano wins singles in Italy

Scrivano, one of 28 international players at Sportdipiù's para-standing tennis tournament, went undefeated in pool play beating Sunsuke Kishi from Japan in the finals. As it turns out, Sunsuke Kishi was also Scrivano's doubles teammate. Scrivano persevered after trailing behind in the second set and won 6-1, 7-5.

It was Scrivano's fifth first place in a row. He had impressive showings at several U.S. competitions while maintaining a full-time working schedule at Corewell Health Hospital in Troy, Michigan. He had previously coached tennis at his alma mater high school.

Scrivano was the winner of the 2021 and 2022 Carolina’s Adaptive Standing Tennis Open Tournament in Greensboro, North Carolina, the 2022 Midwest Para Standing Championships in Grand Rapids, Michigan and the 2022 U.S. Open Para Standing Tournament in Dallas, Texas.

After his win in Italy, Danny gave an interview stating that his competitors were tough, and how off the courts, the players are determined to grow the para-standing playing model, so that more athletes can play at high-level tournaments.

One of the biggest end goals is to have para-standing tennis be included in the Paralympics and Grand Slam tournaments, similar to the inclusion of wheelchair tennis.

Scrivano wants to play in one or two international tournaments per year in destinations like Chile, Denmark and Spain. He's also inspired many athletes from around the world to make appearances at U.S. tournaments, in particular, the championships in Grand Rapids.

Information based on excerpts from the Italian Paralympic Committee.


August 2023: Daniel Scrivano invited to play at Arthur Ashe Stadium

Scrivano's parents recently posted to his Facebook page that Danny will play at Arthur Ashe Stadium during the 2023 US Open. A boy who'd had a stroke at the age of two years old—one of the scariest moments of his parents' lives—will play tennis at the largest stadium in the world. "Danny will step onto a court that has been played on by all the legends in professional tennis," says the Facebook post.

Scrivano has had a loving support system cheering him on his whole life. He was in the hospital for five long weeks after his stroke. In the years that followed, Danny's family wondered if he would eventually be able to play sports. Scrivano spent years in therapy and never regained use in one of his arms and hands, but with the help of an ankle foot orthosis (AFO), he was able to walk and run. So around age 5, his parents signed him up for T-ball and soccer. Then basketball, football, baseball, track and field and tennis.

"He perfected the one-handed serve and became a magician at the net.  He dazzled," said his parents. Scrivano remains one of the few players in his high school's history to win a match at the state tournament.

Scrivano continues to improve upon his impressive skills, allowing him to travel the world for tennis and table tennis; Scrivano was on the junior national para table tennis team. He is also a member of the USTA.


Scrivano is determined to keep competing in international tournaments to raise awareness for para-standing tennis and have it recognized at elite competitions. 

Scrivano found out a few weeks ago that he was nominated to play at the U.S. Open on Center Court during Championship Saturday — an invitation to once again promote para-standing tennis on a global stage.


"We never dreamed of the places we would go on this life journey," said Scrivano's parents. "This life has had twists and turns, ups and downs, successes and disappointments. Danny has done it all with a smile on his face and the most positive attitude."

This year, Scrivano traveled to Italy, Grand Rapids and Cincinnati for tennis. Next, New York, Greensboro and Dallas. Trips to play in Australia and Japan are scheduled for 2024 and 2025 respectively.

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