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Get to Know 

Mike Wetzel

December 12, 2019
<h2>Get to Know </h2>
<h1>Mike Wetzel</h1>

Mike Wetzel, an Indianapolis native, is the proud owner of five radio towers. He has been fascinated with the art of broadcasting, and so for much of his adult life, he has dabbled in amateur radio.


Five towers up to 200 feet, though, come with a lot of maintenance work. Wetzel says that to take care of the towers, he has to be in the best shape he can be for scaling them. Tennis, as Wetzel sees it, is the perfect exercise.  


Wetzel began the sport when he was in high school and continued to play at Purdue University through intramurals. Following his graduation from the Big Ten school with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Wetzel began working for Indianapolis Power and Light Company. During his time there, Wetzel continued his love of tennis by playing with a coworker. Over time, however, Wetzel discovered that he was developing knee problems from the impact his knee took on the hard court. ADVERTISEMENT He had no choice but to hang up his racquet.


Years later, Wetzel’s son, Jay, began to show an interest in the sport. Wetzel decided to try his luck with his knee and give the court another try with his son. To his immense surprise and pleasure, he found that his knee was not giving him any pain whatsoever.


Wetzel was excited to have a sport he could share with his son, but when he could not quite keep up with Jay anymore, the focus shifted to another group of tennis players. That group has now been playing together at the dome at the University of Indianapolis for 20-plus years. It is through his dedication to the sport and his community that Wetzel was discovered as a Tennis Ambassador.


“Since I play at the University of Indianapolis’s tennis dome, know the manager and coaches, run an open league on Wednesdays and was the only south Indy representative, I thought it would be a natural fit to become a Tennis Ambassador,” said Wetzel.


One of Wetzel’s main objectives as a Tennis Ambassador is to hold an open day at the University of Indianapolis for all interested players. He also hopes to host open play for kids at Kid City, a facility where portable nets and foam balls are used to introduce younger children to tennis.


Throughout the many facets of Wetzel’s life, tennis has been a consistent positive force. Wetzel has been captaining USTA League teams since 2011 and has been a committee member for the Central Indiana Tennis Association since 2014.


Wetzel says it is his goal to get out on the court three to four times a week to sustain his healthy lifestyle.


“I believe that spreading awareness of tennis is important because it is a combination of fitness, competitiveness, and fun,” said Wetzel. “I am a firm believer in the 10,000-step club, and I strive to attain that every day.”


He has become a voice in his community for the benefits of tennis and an example of how the sport can provide lifelong friends and joy.


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