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The Prado Sisters, Serving it up on the Courts

Molly Doehrmann | October 06, 2021

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, the USTA/Midwest Section is shining a spotlight on members of the Hispanic community whose passion, dedication and commitment have helped tennis grow and become more accessible! We interviewed the Prado sisters, twins Deborah and Jazzmyn, to hear their inspiring stories as new players. They picked up a racquet for the first time just over one year ago. Now, they practice constantly and have enjoyed playing on their high school tennis team! Read their first-person account on how tennis quickly became one of their favorite sports.

Q: Tell us a little about your tennis background. 

Jazzmyn: It’s crazy to say, it’s only been a little over a year since we started playing, but it feels like we’ve been playing forever! We discovered our love for tennis when our cousins invited us to play tennis in the park one day. Afterward, Deborah mentioned trying out for the tennis team at our school this fall, and I decided to give it a try! We both ended up making the team, and have been playing tennis ever since.


Q: What do you love about tennis that keeps you playing?

Deborah: For me, I always found myself wanting to play tennis, not only to get better but for the competitiveness of the game. It’s one thing to play with another person and take an easy win, but it’s another thing when you're playing with someone who is a higher level than you! It makes me feel happy because I always like to get better each and every day! 


Jazzmyn: The reason I love tennis is because it’s something I found I’m good at. I love the feeling of doing my absolute best every day on the court and striving to improve all the time!


Q: What’s your favorite memory from playing tennis?

Jazzmyn: To be honest, I don’t have just one favorite tennis memory. I can say that the best ones are just my sister and I on the court, practicing tennis. Constantly critiquing, motivating and challenging one another to do better. It’s great!


Deborah: My favorite tennis memory either has to be the first time I won a match or playing with my sister in doubles!


Q: How do you like to play tennis? Are you singles players?

Jazzmyn: My favorite way to play tennis is singles. I love having the court to myself and being able to move around and cover more ground. There’s more action, and that’s how I like it!


Deborah: I also love to play singles because I’m not one to rely on anyone else. Plus, I can push myself as hard as I want to and be the best I can be! 

Q: What’s it like playing a sport with your sibling?

Jazzmyn: Having a twin sister who loves the same sport as you, such as tennis, is a match made in heaven! I’m fortunate enough to always have a tennis buddy who can be there to return my serves, or at least try!


Deborah: Yeah I agree! We never have to hide from each other whether we are playing bad or not. We critique each other but in a lovingly, sister way!


Q: Do you have any playing opportunities coming up?

Jazzmyn: I’m so pumped to play for more than just my school this year! I’m looking for all kinds of tennis opportunities, not just to improve my game but to also be a part of the tennis community! 


Deborah: There are a few tournaments coming up that I’m excited to play in!


Q: What teams are you playing with right now?

Jazzmyn: Right now, we’re only playing for our school, but we’re planning to register at our local tennis club during the winter to stay in shape. 



Q:  What else would you like to share about your tennis experience?

Jazzmyn: It’s not every day you see Hispanic twin girls serving it up on the tennis court, so we are grateful to have this opportunity to speak about tennis from our perspective! Thank you to our friends from USTA!


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